Sellers can cancel a sale on Delcampe.
However, some cancellations sometimes might have to be cancelled (payment received by the seller in the meantime, etc.)
The cancellation must be entered at the latest 60 days after the end of the sale.

To cancel a cancelled sale:

    1. Go to My Delcampe fees: My cancelled sales
    2. Find the cancellation request you want to cancel
    3. Click on delete.PNG
    4. A new window will open in which you will be asked to confirm the cancellation by clicking on delete_request.PNG
    5. The following cancellation message will be displayed: confirmation-cancelled.PNG
    6. The status of the cancellation request will be cancelled.PNG
    7. The commission for this item will be recalculated. You can view it on “My Delcampe fees: History"

Tip: If the delete.PNG button is unavailable and has been replaced by accepted.PNG, it means that the 60-day deadline has passed and that the cancellation cannot be cancelled.