How to sell?

In order to sell your items, you must first create your store and configure your settings. Creating a store is completely free.To select your options, go to store creation and complete the four steps. Define each parameter and go to the next step easily by validating each step at the bottom of the page. You can also go back at any time if you need

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Putting your items up for sale on the Delcampe website is easy. Just follow these steps: Listing Bidding Sale Payment Shipping Feedback Commission fees 1. Listing Log in or sign up if you have not already done so If you are listing your items for the first time on Delcampe, set up your sales conditions and your payment methods. Use the selli

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This article explains how to create a lot using the selling form. Please note that, before putting items up for sale, you must first create your shop and define your settings.   The different sections to be filled in are : Category selection Item description Price End of sale Fees Additional options (optional) Summary Category selection Select t

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You must define your terms and conditions of sale to put items up for sale. To configure your terms and conditions of sale: Go to "Creating your store: sales conditions" Choose if you ship the item after or before the buyer's payment and select your delivery time (by default, "After payment within 14 days" is selected) Choose whether or not to ac

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Some of your store’s options can be configured to help you save time on transactions while making your sales more attractive. You can authorize your buyers to pay you before you have approved sending the payment request or let them make a lower bid on one or more items. To do so, go to the page entitled "Creating your store: customization". The art

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You can configure your account to enable buyers to pay without waiting for you to approve the payment request. When you create your store on Delcampe, this option is inactive by default. When you activate the option, if the item sold is associated with a fee template, you allow the buyer to pay you immediately after buying the item. The buyer will

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As a seller, you may receive lower bids from members of the website. You can set up your account to automatically accept certain lower bids, based on the percentage discount. To set up automatic acceptance of lower bids Go to the page "My store: Customization" In the "Lower bids" section, tick "Automatic acceptante" Select the percentage discount

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We often receive requests for appraisals from our members.However, given that Delcampe doesn’t provide appraisal or estimate services, we can’t meet your requests. For further guidance on this matter, please check the "Estimate your collectible items" page.

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This article covers the following topics: How to add a payment method How to change payment method information How to deactivate a payment method   How to add a payment method To configure the payment methods you accept in your store: To activate the Delcampe Pay payment method: Go to the Payment methods page Click on  Review the terms

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