Following the changes made to the site, and in particular the introduction of the "Payments" page on 16 January, the "Payment sent" and "Payment received" tracking icons can no longer be manually ticked.

We'll explain the change below:

  • For sales made before 10am on 16 January, the icons can be activated manually.
  • For sales made after this date, it is not possible to activate the icons manually. The "payment sent" icon and the "payment received" icon will be automatically activated when the buyer makes a payment via the site (via Mangopay or PayPal, if the latter method has been activated by the seller).

As all payments must now be made via the website, a buyer cannot transfer money directly to the seller's bank account. The seller must use the secure payment system integrated into our platform.

I've received a payment off-site. What should I do?

If you receive a payment by bank transfer or cheque, the transaction will not be considered as paid and the "Payment received" icon will not be ticked. We ask you to refund your buyer and invite them to pay via the website.

If you receive a cheque, you have the choice of destroying it or returning it to the buyer with their parcel, provided that they have made a new payment via the secure system.

In all cases, as soon as your buyer has paid via the website, the "Payment sent"/"Payment received" icons will automatically be ticked. This will allow you to mark the item as sent.

Any transaction paid outside the website will no longer benefit from Delcampe's intervention in case of dispute. Sanctions can be enforced on the accounts of members who try to pay or to be paid outside Delcampe.

What can you do to avoid this?

Please check that your IBAN is no longer in the payment request message. We also recommend that you check your page conditions to make sure that you have not left your bank details there.
Also check that you have not left your PayPal address there. Only PayPal payments sent from the website are accepted.
We remind you that you can also write a short message to your buyers to tell them to pay via the website only.