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Below are the answers to a series of questions we have received about the new memberships and the 2024 platform fees. This article covers the following topics:   Store plus When does the Store Plus membership come into effect? How will Club+ memberships be switched over to Store Plus? What about annual memberships? Do I need to subscribe to Store

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Following the changes made to the site, and in particular the introduction of the "Payments" page on 16 January, the "Payment sent" and "Payment received" tracking icons can no longer be manually ticked. We'll explain the change below: For sales made before 10am on 16 January, the icons can be activated manually. For sales made after this date, it

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Delcampe started improving the payment system on 16 January 2024. This article explains the changes made as well as future changes. Changes have been made to the existing fees history and a new tab called “Payments” has been added to the website. Fee history Past process Until now, all debits made via the website were processed on the “Fee history”

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In this article, you'll find a tutorial created by our Customer Service team to help you better understand the new tab available on the site: the "Payments" tab. We invite you to discover it without further delay!

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