Delcampe started improving the payment system on 16 January 2024. This article explains the changes made as well as future changes. Changes have been made to the existing fees history and a new tab called “Payments” has been added to the website.

Fee history

Past process

Until now, all debits made via the website were processed on the “Fee history” page. You were asked to credit the account so that your balance would be reset to 0. You could load the account sufficiently (before or after debit) to ensure that your balance was positive.

Current process

Several changes have been made to the “Fee history” page.

  • While most of the website’s paid services are still being debited on that page, this is no longer true for sales options. We will discuss them further on in this article. This means that you will still see debits for subscriptions, renewals and advertising on this page.
  • When your account has been debited and shows the balance due, you will be asked to pay the latter. It will no longer be possible to credit your account ahead of time or to pay more than the balance due. You will only pay the balance due by the due date. There are still several payment methods available to accomplish this. More information on this topic is available in the article: How to pay the fees due to Delcampe ?

Future process

The “Fee history” page will continue to be available but fewer and fewer services will be paid through it. We expect several gradual changes to the website. The services will be listed on the page we will now introduce you to.

The “Payments” page

A new page has been created on the website: the “Payments” page. The page has several characteristics.

  • It includes a wallet (for eligible Mangopay members only) which you can credit (via several methods) or to which you can link a card to pay for your purchases or services provided by Delcampe.
  • It provides a history of the payments you have made and the payments received for your sales. The page centralises all of the payments you’ve made or received on the website. It will show all of the payments made with PayPal and Mangopay (depending on the methods activated). Both PayPal and Mangopay enable you to pay using a number of different electronic options: credit or bank card, direct payment and bank transfer)
  • The history also shows the paid sales options you’ve selected. This is the first service that will be moved to the page. It will include all the services provided by Delcampe requiring payment. The “transfer” of services to this page will be done gradually over several months.

More information about sales options

Sales options will be the first service to be moved to the “Payments” page. When you want to add this type of option to one of your sales, you will have to have a suitable balance in your wallet. The share of your wallet’s balance required will be set aside to pay for the option. Your payment will then appear under the “Payments” history tab 24 hours later. As a result of this new process, it will no longer be possible to maintain the options selected when you renew the sale. This box has therefore been removed from the sales form.

Note: The paid options are only available to eligible Mangopay members, i.e. those that have an electronic wallet under the “Payments” tab.

You can count on our team to assist you during the transition period.