To withdraw money from your balance and transfer it to your bank account, your identity must be verified and you must have added your bank account in the "Payments” tab. If you haven’t done this yet, see the following articles:

How can I transfer my balance to my bank account?

  1. Go to "Manage: Withdraw money". You'll see a balance summary.
  2. Select the bank account you want to use
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
    Only the available balance amount can be withdraw
  4. Click on "Withdraw"
  5. A confirmation message will appear
    Processing time will depend on your bank. The money transferred will be added at the earliest 2 days after your transfer.
    However, if you don’t receive the money, please contact Customer Service.

Money withdrawals are not subject to any fees within the European Union.
However, your bank may charge you some fees for transfers outside the SEPA zone. To find out about these fees, please contact your bank.