Take advantage of some of the lowest commission fees on the market!

You don’t pay anything if you don’t sell*

  • No insertion fees
  • No commission fees on unsold items
  • Free store

Each month, we add up the total sales for the previous month.
A decreasing percentage based on this total is applied to each currency in addition to a fixed amount per item.
The fixed fees are reduced for Club+ Gold members.

From €0.00 to €999.99
6.50% of the monthly amount
+ €0.22 per item sold **
From €1,000.00 to €2,499.99

6.00% x (monthly amount - €1,000.00)
+ €65.00 (commission for the previous level)

+ €0.22 per item sold **
From €2,500.00 to €4,999.99

4.50% x (monthly amount - €2,500.00)
+ €155.00 (preceding levels commission)

+ €0.22 per item sold **
From €5,000.00 to €9,999.99

3.00% x (monthly amount - €5,000.00)
+ €267.50 (preceding levels commission)

+ €0.22 per item sold **
From €10,000.00

1.00% x (monthly amount - €10,000.00)
+ €417.50 (preceding levels commission)

+ €0.22 per item sold **

* Excluding option and membership fees (optional) ** This amount is reduced to €0.13 per item sold for Club+ Gold members. Find out more.

Feature your items with our sales options!

Sales options allow you to add functionality to your sales and to highlight them.
The price of the options is reduced for Club+ Gold members

Last minute extension
€0.05 ( Price )
Free ( Club+ )
Anonymous sale
€0.05 ( Price )
Free ( Club+ )
Bold title
€0.25 ( Price )
€0.20 ( Club+ )
Coloured border
€1.00 ( Price )
€0.80 ( Club+ )
Colour background
€1.50 ( Price )
€1.20 ( Club+ )
Showcase your item
€1.00 ( Price )
€0.80 ( Club+ )
Your item on the homepage
€5.00 ( Price )
€4.00 ( Club+ )

Your advert on Delcampe!

Get additional visibility in the categories of your choice to reach the audience of interest to you!

Increase your Delcampe Store's visibility
€50.00 /month
External website
Increase the visibility of the website of your choice
€100.00 /month
Create my advert on Delcampe

Discover the many advantages of our Club+ memberships!

Club+ provides exclusive services and discounts on certain prices.
Postal verification enables you to become a “verified member”. It is unique and provided with the purchase of a Club+ membership.

Club+ Bronze
€12.00 /year
Club+ Silver
€24.00 /year
Club+ Gold
€48.00 /year
Postal verification
€5.00 (Single price. Free for Club+ members)
Discover the advantages of Club+

Delcampe Pay, a new payment method!

  • No user fees for buyers! *
  • Get the lowest rate on the market with 2.30% + €0.25 by transaction.
  • No fees to withdraw or add money!

* In the event of a transaction involving different currencies for the seller and the buyer, a 2.50% conversion fee can apply. For more information, please read this article from our Help Center.

Pricing is calculated based on your status and location.
Fees per transaction
2.30% + €0.25
Discover Delcampe Pay

is a payment solution provided by Mangopay, Arkea Crédit Mutuel and Payline.

Powered by MangoPay, Crédit Mutuel and Payline.

Present your auction house’s catalogues to a passionate audience!

Join our prestigious auction houses and offer your exceptional items to our community of over 1,2 million active users per month.

Import it myself
Import your catalogue
in seven steps.
€375.00 /catalogue
Let Delcampe import your catalogue
Let Delcampe import your catalogue for optimal results and no time required on your part.
€625.00 /catalogue

For more information, go to the dedicated auction house page.

Save time by simultaneously modifying your items for sale!

Tools are available to modify several sales at the same time.

Relaunch as new / Change the dates
€0.01 per item (with a minimum of €10.00).
Change the prices

Club+ members only
Change the renewals

Club+ members only
Change the type of sale

Club+ members only
Move my sales

Club+ members only
Close or restart my sales

Club+ members only
Archive, Unarchive, Remove my closed sales

Club+ members only
Discover the advantages of Club+

See our administrative fees.

Account balance refund

If you want to close your account but have a positive balance, you can request a refund.
The refund will entail administrative fees of €2.00.
We are obliged to maintain closed accounts with a positive balance. In order to ensure the cost of this maintenance, from two years after the closing of the account, we will charge an annual administrative fee equivalent to 12.5% of the account balance.

Resending of your activation code (Postal verification)

If you don’t receive your code due to a mailing issue, contact us within sixty days of your initial request and we will send it to you again free of charge.
If the code doesn’t reach you because the address provided was wrong, you will be charged administrative fees of €5.00 to send the code again.
You will be charged €10.00 to receive your code by registered letter.

Cancellation of your Club+ subscription

The duration of the Club+ subscription is one year, tacitly renewable. Within the first 15 days of the subscription or its renewal, you can cancel it for a fee of €5.00. After this period, you can ask not have it renewed whenever you wish, but it will remain effective until the anniversary date of the subscription.

Nickname missing when you make a payment

Your nickname must be provided with your payment to ensure that your account is credited as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it makes our work more difficult and lengthens the transaction time. If your nickname is missing, you will be charged the following handling fees:

  • The first time your nickname is missing, we'll inform you free of charge.
  • After that, we will invoice €10.00 each time you make a payment and your nickname is missing.

Payment of less than €5.00

We ask that you not credit your Delcampe account for amounts less than €5.00. For all amounts less than this amount:

  • We'll inform you free of charge for the first payment.
  • After that, we will invoice you €5.00 for each payment under this amount.

Payment to the former Delcampe bank account

Our bank information is as follows:
IBAN : BE38 3631 8432 2672

If your payment is sent to the old account, we will invoice you €10.00 for the administrative handling of the error.

Calculate your commission fees.

Enter your parameters and click on “Calculate” to obtain an overview of your commission fees.

Select your parameters

Information based on your parameters

  • Information based on your parameters
  • Total sin IVA
  • VAT (0%)
  • VAT included
  • Commission percentage
  • 5.35% (Total sin IVA)
  • 0.00% (VAT 0%)
  • 5.35% (VAT included)
  • Cost per item
  • €0.22 (Total sin IVA)
  • €0.00 (VAT 0%)
  • €0.22 (VAT included)
  • Pricing based on your parameters
  • Total sin IVA
  • VAT (0%)
  • VAT included
  • Commission fees
  • €267.50 (Total sin IVA)
  • €0.00 (VAT 0%)
  • €267.50 (VAT included)
  • Cost for 300 items
  • €66.00 (Total sin IVA)
  • €0.00 (VAT 0%)
  • €66.00 (VAT included)
  • Total to pay
  • €333.50 (Total sin IVA)
  • €0.00 (VAT 0%)
  • €333.50 (VAT included)

Your benefits!

  • Your benefits!
  • Total sin IVA
  • VAT (0%)
  • VAT included
  • PRO benefit (20%) or PRO not subject to VAT (10%).
    • -€66.70 (Total sin IVA / -20%)
    • -€33.35 (Total sin IVA / -10%)
    • €0.00 (VAT 0% / -20% )
    • €0.00 (VAT 0% / -10%)
    • -€66.70 (VAT included / -20%)
    • -€33.35 (VAT included / -10%)
  • Club+ Gold and PRO benefit (20%) or not VAT-registered PRO (10%).
    • -€88.30 (Total sin IVA / -20%)
    • -€57.65 (Total sin IVA / -10%)
    • €0.00 (VAT 0% / -20% )
    • €0.00 (VAT 0% / -10% )
    • -€88.30 (VAT included / -20%)
    • -€57.65 (VAT included / -10%)

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