Sales fees

  • Insertion fees
  • Free
  • Boutique
  • Free
  • Commissions on items sold
    • Each month, we add up the total sales for the previous month.
    • A decreasing percentage based on your total amount of monthly sales is applied for each currency.
    • A fixed amount per item sold is then added. (The amount depends on whether or not you are a Club+  Gold).
  • Sales options (optional)
    • Sales options allow you to add features to your items and to highlight them.
    • Prices depend on whether or not you are a Club+  Gold.

Commission rates in

  • Total monthly sales
  • Commission
  • No sales
  • No commission
  • Under €1,000.00 per month
  • 7.50 % of the monthly amount
    + €0.25 per item sold (Club+   : €0.15)
  • From €1,000.00 to €2,499.99 per month
  • 7.00 % x (monthly amount - €1,000.00)
    + €75.00 (preceding level commission)
    + €0.25 per item sold (Club+   : €0.15)
  • From €2,500.00 to €4,999.99 per month
  • 5.00 % x (monthly amount - €2,500.00)
    + €180.00 (preceding levels commission)
    + €0.25 per item sold (Club+   : €0.15)
  • From €5,000.00 to €9,999.99 per month
  • 3.00 % x (monthly amount - €5,000.00)
    + €305.00 (preceding levels commission)
    + €0.25 per item sold (Club+   : €0.15)
  • From €10,000.00 per month
  • 1.00 % x (monthly amount - €10,000.00)
    + €455.00 (preceding levels commission)
    + €0.25 per item sold (Club+   : €0.15)

Sales option prices

  • Option
  • Normal Price
  • Club+   Price
  • Last minute extension
  • Normal Price: €0.05
  • Club+   Price: Free
  • Private sale
  • Normal Price: €0.05
  • Club+   Price: Free
  • Bold title
  • Normal Price: €0.25
  • Club+   Price: €0.20
  • Color border
  • Normal Price: €1.00
  • Club+   Price: €0.80
  • Color background
  • Normal Price: €1.50
  • Club+   Price: €1.20
  • Highlighting
  • Normal Price: €1.00
  • Club+   Price: €0.80
  • Item on the homepage
  • Normal Price: €5.00
  • Club+   Price: €4.00

You haven't received payment for a transaction: Submit a declaration
The sale and commission will be cancelled after verification by our department.

You sell professionally on Delcampe: Send us an official document proving your status and your VAT number if you have one
An invoice will be available for each payment.

  • You'll receive a 20% reduction if you have a VAT number.
  • You'll receive a 10% reduction if you don't have a VAT number.

Postal verification, Club+ and Premium membership

  • Postal verification
  • We recommend that you become a "Verified Member" to buy and sell on Delcampe. Find out more
  • Club+ membership
  • Club+ provides exclusive services and reductions on certain rates. Find out more

Price in

  • Service
  • Price
  •  Postal verification
  • €5.00
  • Memberships
  • Price / year

Administrative fees

1. Cash (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD)

For security reasons, crediting your Delcampe account through cash payments is no longer accepted.

2. Account balance refund

If you no longer want to use our services and have a positive account balance, you can request a refund of the amount.
However, refunds entail administrative costs of €2.00. They may also result in refund costs depending on the method you used to credit your account or you want to use for the debit.
Note that when you pay using a credit card, we have to pay the card issuer (Visa, EuroCard, etc.) a commission. We pay the commission on payments but, of course, will charge it to your account if the payment has to be refunded.

3. Resending your activation code (Postal verification)

We will resend your code once free of charge, if you didn't receive it due to a mail problem.
If the code didn't reach you because you provided the wrong address, you will be charged an administrative fee of €5.00 for resending.

4. Nickname missing when you make a payment

Your nickname must be provided with your payment to ensure that your account is credited as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it makes our work more difficult and lengthens the transaction time. If your nickname is missing, you will be charged the following handling fees:

  • The first time your nickname is missing, we'll inform you free of charge.
  • We will then charge you €10.00 each time your nickname is missing from your payment.

5. Payments of less than €5.00

We ask that you not credit your Delcampe account amounts less than €5.00.

For all amounts less than the above:

  • We'll inform you free of charge for the first payment
  • We'll invoice you €5.00 for each subsequent payment of less than the above amount.

6. Payment to the former Delcampe bank account

For over a year, Delcampe has a new bank account number. View it here. If your payment is sent to the old account, we'll charge you €10.00 for the resulting administrative fees.

*All prices include VAT for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (17%). The VAT rate will vary depending on your location and status.

To find the amount due:
  • Deduct 17% (Luxembourg VAT) to obtain the price without VAT.
  • Next add the VAT in effect in your country of residence (except outside of the EU).
  • The result is the amount due.

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