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Activate your Delcampe Pay account

Activate your Delcampe Pay account

Designed especially for Delcampe members, Delcampe Pay allows you to carry out your transactions in complete security.

Take advantage of this easy-to-use payment method without leaving the Delcampe website.

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Configure your store

Configure your store

The first step is to configure your terms and conditions of sale. Your buyers will be informed of your fees and payment methods accepted. Next add an avatar and a presentation to introduce your store.

  • Select the payment methods you accept and your fees
  • Personalize your store with your avatar and your presentation
  • Present a store in your own image

Increase the visibility of your items

Use sales options to set your items apart from your competitors'. Add a border or a color background to your item. Put the title of your item in bold or position your items at the top of lists in a category or on the website homepage.

  • Significantly increase your visibility
  • Set your items apart
  • Decide on option renewal at the end of the sale
Increase the visibility of your items
Boost your sales by sponsoring a category

Boost your sales by sponsoring a category

Add a text or visual ad for your store in our categories to sponsor it. You can ensure that your get the best possible visibility for your store in your favorite categories

  • Select the format of your ad: text or visual
  • Select the categories you want to sponsor
  • Increase your visibility and your sales

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