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On Delcampe, communication between members is essential. The seller and buyer can contact each other as soon as the sale is closed via the website's messaging system. To send a message to your seller Go to "My purchases" Click on "Contact the seller" under the seller's nickname Enter your message Click on "Send" Tip: You can send attachments usi

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If you would like more information about an item or if you have a question about the sales conditions or the fees charged by a seller, we strongly recommend that you ask your questions before bidding or buying. To ask a seller a question about a sal Open the item page Click  on the tab "Question" Write your message Click on "Ask a question" Tip:

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On the item sale page : Click on the "Ask a question" link Enter your question Click on the "Ask a question" button The seller will receive an email requesting a response

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If you think that an item could be of interest to another member, you can let them know by using the “Recommend to a friend” function.The member will receive an email telling them that you have recommended an item on Delcampe. To recommend an item: Go to the page of the item in question Click on "Friends" next to "Share" Click on "Enter a friend

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As a seller, sharing your sales on social networks increases your store’s visibility and helps you find new buyers. As a buyer, this functionality enables you to share your latest find and tell your friends that the item of their dreams is available on Delcampe. To share a sale on social networks Display the item page Next to "Share", click on the

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You can report an item for sale: if the item is non-compliant or incomplete (e.g. in the event of an incorrect description, the wrong category, or if the seller is charging payment fees or Delcampe fees) if the item for sale is forbidden by the Delcampe Charter To report an item Click on “Report this item” on the sales page Depending on the r

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