Two types of sales are available on Delcampe: fixed price sales and auctions.

To bid on an auction

  1. Go to the item page
  2. The amount of the bid is pre-filled, it is the minimum amount accepted
    • If you are the first bidder, this amount is the starting price
    • If one or more members have already placed a bid, the amount displayed takes this into account

    Tip: If you want to make a ceiling bid (automatic bid), please see the article "How to make an automatic bid ".

  3. Click on "Place a bid"
  4. A new window will pop up, confirm your bid by clicking on "confirm"
  5. A confirmation of your bid appears on the screen and the sale is listed on "My bids: ongoing"
  6. If another member outbids you, you will be informed by email. This information will also be displayed in "My bids: ongoing"
  7. If you win the auction, the item will be displayed in "My purchases".

To find out how to pay, we invite you to read the article "How to pay your seller".

Please note that:

- the nickname of the buyer and any bidders are anonymous:

  • each member sees only their own nickname. If there are other bidders, their nicknames are replaced by "bidder #1", "bidder #2" etc.
  • any member not involved in the auction will only see the seller's nickname. The bidders' nicknames will be replaced by "bidder #1", "bidder #2" etc.
  • the seller sees the nicknames of each bidder and the buyer

-If a bid is placed during the last minute of the sale, the sale is extended by one minute and so on.