This service is one of the many benefits of our Club+ Gold membership.

This functionality will display your items as “New” when you change the start date of the sales selected. Members can see them in their email alerts.

This article explains how to relaunch items as new in a few clicks.

Note: This change only applies to ongoing sales without bids of over 1 month.

Note: This change requires payment. Pricing is calculated based on your status and location. For more information, please see our rates page.

To list your sales as new:

  1. Go to the multiple changes page.
  2. Select the change
  3. Select the change “Relaunch as new (paying)” via the scrolling menu relaunch_as_new_1.png
  4. If you would also like to change the end date and/or time of your sales, check the box case.PNGin front mceclip0.png

    Tip: For more information, see the article “Multiple changes: Change the end date and/or time”

  5. Select your items by category.

    To select all categories:

    Select mceclip1.png   to ensure that the change is applied to all categories.

    To select specific categories:

    Select the category to which you want the change to apply

    Click on mceclip3.png

    Tip: Repeat this action for each category to which you want this change to apply


  6. Check your changes and the cost of the change via the summary table
  7. Click on mceclip7.png to validate your change