As a buyer, you are entitled to make lower bids. This option is only available for sales by sellers who have activated the option.
The seller sets the deadline and the maximum percentage of the reduction allowed for the lower bid.

This article covers the following topics:

What are the conditions for making a lower bid?

To submit a lower bid, you must:

  • have a verified account
  • have received at least 20 ratings AND have an average rating of at least 95%

How do I make a lower bid?

To make a lower bid:

    1. Go to the page of the item you're interested in
    2. Click on “Make a lower bid” below the sale time remaining
    3. A new window will open. Enter your bid


      Note: Only enter the amount in numbers, without the currency sign (2, not €2). In this case, the following message will appear: mceclip0.png

    4. Click on “Ask the seller”
    5. Confirmation that your bid was recorded will appear on the screen

Tip: The maximum reduction percentage accepted by the seller will appear in the window to allow you to confirm your bid.

Where can I see my lower bids?

You can see your lower bids on My bids: Lower. You can change and/or delete your bids on this page.

I made a lower bid. What happens next?

Lower bids are valid for 30 days. After that, they disappear from your lower bids.
Your bid will also be deleted from the page if the item is successfully purchased by another member.

During this time, the seller can either:

    • Accept your bid.
      If your bid is accepted, it will no longer appear in my lower bids. It will be added to your purchase tracking.

    • Accept your bid as the starting point for their auction.
      The seller can accept your bid and put the item up for auction. Your bid will be the starting price. The seller can set the sales period from one to seven days. Your lower bid will no longer appear in your lower bids. It will appear under your ongoing bids

    • Make a counter-bid.
      The counter-bid will appear in your lower bids.

      You can accept or refuse it by clicking on “Answer”
    • Refuse your bid
      The message “Refused” will appear clearly in red.
      If your bid is refused, you can change it by entering a different price.

    • Ignore your bid
      The seller is not required to answer you. In this case the status of your bid will be “Pending”.
      You can enter a higher bid than the first one by clicking on “Modify”.