What is the right price?

  • tris_nerima

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    I have often wondered what the right price is for early material that is mint never hinged.
    Scott for example will show only one price for mint prior to a certain period. Some listings
    actually show both mint and mint never hinged prices. However prior to those listings
    they only 6 show one price. For example Leeward 1936 #103-15 set shows both prices
    but all items prior to this set show only one price. Is that price meant to be for MNH or
    mint? Or does one price up and down according to condition? Fine -very fine-superb.

    This is probably a stupid question,so please don't laugh at me.
  • MyStampingGround1

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    Catalogues often give only one price for early mint stamps since it was very common to attach them with hinges etc. so any mint never hinged will fetch a premium if they are not re-gummed.

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