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    COVID-19 Shipment Delays- Latest Message to Buyers at Delcampe.
    Dear Buyer,
    If you have already bought some items from my sale at Delcampe and have either not received my Invoice or you have received an Invoice but not paid the same so far, please go through my below message.
    The Indian Postal Department has still not started accepting overseas consignments by Regisetred Air Mail after the COVID19 restrictions and Air Travel restrictions came to into force on the second week of March 2020. These restrictions still continue in India and no overseas consignment can be booked from INDIA through Post just now.
    I am keeping your purchased items intact here and will send your Invoice and request your payment only after the normal overseas consignment of Air Mail items can be booked through INDIA POST. So please do wait, I will send the Invoice/instructions for payment as soon as shipping situation comes to normal. We expect International flights to and from India may commence by the mid of June 2020 and items can then be sent abroad. Until then your patience is requested.
    This is unprecedented situation and in most of the countries the Postal Department does not function fully . It may take few more weeks for things to get back to normal. Let us be hopeful that things will get back to normal soon.
    I will be communicating with my buyers frequently and if you have already paid through PayPal for any item that you have purchased after the 24th of March, these items are still kept ready for shipment and I am unable to send it till the Indian Postal Department commence acceptance of overseas Air Mail consignments. You will definitely be informed of the latest developments and if they are shipped, you will get an intimation with the consignment tracking number also.
    If you have any questions, you can always contact me through Delcampe Message systems.
    Best regards,
    23 May, 2020