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    There is a 1 keping Sarawak 1841 coin advertised on the site as 'very rare' Krause/Mishler Tn 1 at £1000 Euros. Item #1653399866
    This looks like an exceptionally cheap bargain for a coin that would normally fetch tens of thousands of Euros due to its rarity but is certainly a fake.
    It is identical to the cheap fakes available from China and its details differ from the picture in Krause. Check with Link (http) . Beware
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    The item was being sold by an auction house.

    It has now been closed presumably because you contacted them with your concerns and evidence?

    Most reputable auctions will withdraw items of doubtful provinence once it is pointed out to them and then its up to the vendor to prove authenticity before it can be re-offered by the same auction.

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