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Please read this message before buying an object.
Accepted forms of payment are:  ideal.jpg   paypal.jpg   banktransfer.jpg   cash.jpg
Collect4all supports the following languages: flag_nl_small.png   flag_eng_small_sel.png

Registered shipping for orders above € 75,- only € 5,-  
(Outside Europe € 10,-) (packages are excluded from this offer) 

Please note that the invoice will NOT be send through Delcampe, you will receive your invoice personally from

Where is my invoice?
  • We will always send an invoice to your emailaddress within 24 hours.
  • In case you do not receive it please check your spamfilter and inbox before contacting us.
  • Please note that the invoice will NOT be send through Delcampe, you will receive your invoice personally from
  • We do NOT change the Delcampe 'orderinformation' (please do not ask us about it also)
Extra information for collections:
We make photos of every item in the collection, please read the description to view the photos!
Please note that we try to list as much products as possible, so you have a lot of collections to choose from. We also sell our collections at other websites, stores and faires.
Because of this it can happen that a collection you buy here at Delcampe is allready sold. If this is the case you will ofcourse receive a full refund of your payment.
To avoid disappointment make sure to pay your order asap!
(please note all mentioned weights are estimates, so actual s&h weights can be higher/lower)

When did you ship my order?
  • All orders ship in 5 workingdays after we have received your payment
  • Please note that registered mail and packages may take a few days longer
  • Registered mail: the shippingdate and -number will appear in your invoice once the order is shipped
My Delcampe order information is not correct, why not?
  • We do NOT change the Delcampe 'orderinformation' (please do not ask us about it also)
  • When you send your payment we will ship the order within 5 workingdays, in case we are not able to do so you will be notified.
What are the terms & conditions for buying from Collect4all?
By ordering items from Collect4all you agree to our disclaimer:
Products on Delcampe
  1. All prices mentioned on the website are with reservation; no claims can be made based on these prices.
  2. The delivered product will always be the product visible on the picture, also when the description may describe a different product, unless specified otherwise.
  3. All products on the website are real, unless specified otherwise.
  4. Private and local issues are described as such if it is known to us that they are.
  5. All products are of high quality, unless specified otherwise.
Payment conditions
  1. All orders must be paid within three weeks after creation of the invoice. After this period Collect4All reserves the right to cancel orders.
  2. Accepted forms of payment are: Bank/giro, PayPal or cash.
  3. Always use the IBAN and BIC code for payments with the European Union (outside the Netherlands). Costs for wrong usage of these codes will be paid by the customer.
  4. All other forms of payment will not be accepted.
  5. Only Euros are accepted, all other currencies are not accepted.
Delivery conditions
  1. All orders will be sent after receipt of payment.
  2. Usually orders are being sent within 5 days after receipt of payment. In case this process takes longer, the customer will be personally contacted about this.
  3. Clearly mention the invoice number with all payments to avoid delay.
  4. It is possible to combine invoices, with a limitation of three invoices per combination in a maximum period of two weeks.
  5. Damaged products will be exchanged when possible. If this is not possible, they will be refunded.
  6. When the customer chooses to send an order without using registered mail, this is done on the customer's risk. These orders are not being refunded in case of loss.




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22-02-11 om 07:31
Koper: rego3241 Verkoper: collect4all

tres bonne reception - superbe transaction - merci.

22-02-11 om 06:20
Koper: 1950rpl2villers Verkoper: collect4all

Perfect transaction - Thanks

22-02-11 om 04:10
Koper: zabe Verkoper: collect4all

parfait,lot bien reçu

22-02-11 om 04:09
Koper: zabe Verkoper: collect4all

parfait,lot bien reçu

21-02-11 om 09:46
Koper: har36 Verkoper: collect4all


14-02-11 om 10:49
Koper: dres_lene Verkoper: collect4all

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