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The Complete Stamp Company

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NZ Philatelic Brokers Ltd trading as the Complete Stamp Company is a family business formed in 1980. Over the next 40 plus years Richard Wooders has involved himself in every facet of the industry including being:

* Licensed Auctioneer - holding over 300 Public and Postal Auctions * Retail Stamp Shop in Auckland * Mail Order Company * Author and Editor of numerous philatelic publications * Magazine Publishers * Stamp Packet and Accessories ranges * Manufacturers of Licensed Collectable Products * Postal Authority under NZ deregulations and the list goes on….

At present the business focus is on expanding their internet presence and the inclusion of other collectable products. It is an obvious expansion considering the founder, Richard Wooders, is one of New Zealand’s leading collectors with vast interests in literally hundreds of subjects. For most collectors it is the man and his garage or study, in Richard’s case it is the man and his 22 garages...

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