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stampsuniversal.com is located in Coppell, TX USA.  We stock stamps worldwide, from classics to modern.  A special feature of our dealership is sock-on-the-nose and other interesting cancels, including early US "fancy cancels."  We are strong in Scandinavia, especially Denmark and Norway.  Also Penny Blacks and 19th and early 20th century British with CDS.  We have extensive MNH Germany (Fed. Rep., Berlin, DDR) for period 1948-1957, plus FD, FFLT, and other covers for the same period. APS Life Member, Texas Philatelic Association Life Member, as well as member of the Texas Stamp Dealer's Association.  As a dealer, we want to be of service to the collector, so as to continue a long-standing philatelic tradition and to further promote the integrity of our hobby.  Feel free to contact us any time via email or regular mail. 

AUGUST SPECIAL: most of our offerings for HUNGARY, POLAND and ROMANIA will see rapid discounts thru the end of August, 2019. If you collect this area, you might find some real bargains (note: you will definitely find some real bargains). Check back for September Special.

NOTE: for those who require Registered Mail, for the remainder of 2019 we will pay half the base cost of $16.00 for orders of $100 - 249.99, all of the base cost for orders of $250.00 or more.

NOTE: most of our offerings will be "fixed-price" sales.  We want to sell everything we list, so periodically we will lower prices of remaining unsold items.  Typically we will offer a "Fixed Price" item  for 21 days (consignment items we typically put in a 10 day cycle).  If we choose to renew the item we will ALWAYS offer it at a LOWER price than before. An  exception would be if the CV of the stamp has increased in which case the new sale value would be less than the proportionately adjusted sale value. If price is your concern, it pays to check back.

Last update: August 30, 2019.


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