Delcampe Website Updates

Recent updates:

Version 1.11 06/06/2017

Features avaiable from the gallery

By clicking on the "More" button at the bottom right of the item, you will have access to different shortcuts.

Categories in the selling form

In order to select the most accurate category for your item, you have access to the list of categories in the selling form.

More relevant statistics

Your statistics page has been reviewed and is now more user-friendly. Also, blacklists have been moved to another tab.

To come:

  • Easy Uploader
  • Auction houses catalogs uploads
  • Auction houses bids exportation

Past updates

Version 1.10 08/05/2017

More ergonomic advanced search

The new search interface has been simplified, you now have easier access to the items you are searching for.

Sorting of your "Auction houses" bids

In the menu "Purchases > My bids > Auction houses", use the columns to sort your bids sent to the auction houses

Counter-offer on grouped bids

From now on, sellers have the possibility to propose a counter-offer when they receive a grouped bid. They can either accept it, refuse it or propose a counter-offer.

Version 1.9 11/04/2017

Auctions automatically updated

In case of an auction, bids are automatically updated every minute until the last one.
During the last minute, bids are updated every 10 seconds except for the last 10 seconds where bids are refreshed every second to allow you to follow the auction in real time.

Your filters and sorting now more visible than ever

Above your search, you can consult the filters and the sorting you have applied.
To disable them, click on "Delete the criteria".

A more user-friendly interface for the grouped bids

The items contained in your grouped offer are now more visible which makes it easier for you to run a selection.

Version 1.8 14/03/2017

A more efficient messaging system

With your Delcampe messaging system, you can now directly respond to other members' questions

It is now easier to archive or even delete your questions.

The search system in « Auction houses » is simplified

In the tab « Auction houses », you can find a particular auction house by typing its name in the search bar.

By visiting the auction house's profile, you will find two tabs: one for ongoing catalogs and one for closed ones..

You can have access to a catalog by clicking on its title.

Version 1.7 17/01/2017

Easy category browsing

When you click on a homepage category or in the « Buy » menu, you have direct access to existing sub-categories..
The left menu shows you the five most popular categories.
When you click on the arrow to the right of a category, you have direct access to the list of items it contains
If you click on the sub-category title, the sub-categories it contains are displayed so that you can refine your search.
This browsing method is also available in your seller's shop to ease your search.

Notifications on the items' pages

On the item's page, you can have access to a notification insert in the bottom right of the page.
Those notifications give you information on the sale.
Club+ Gold members can disable them by going to their general settings.

Your favourites page simplified

The use of the favourites page is easier thanks to the below modifications:

A filter in the top right of the page allows you to select:

  • All the items
  • Items on sale
  • Closed sales

You no longer want to receive an email before the end of the sale? Click on the tab below the price.

When you add a personal note in the box below the item, your note will automatically be added once you confirm it, no need to refresh the page.

if you place a bid on an item, you can see, in the right of the page, if you are the best bidder.

Version 1.6.2 22/12/2016

Choose between standard and comfort mode on the Delcampe website

To make browsing more comfortable you can now choose between two different website displays: a "standard mode" and a "comfort mode" which provides more contrast and larger fonts. Click on the button at the bottom right of the page to select the mode you prefer.

Version 1.6.1 7/12/2016

Closure of the old website

The old website has been taken offline for good. The new website is the only website remaining.

Optimization of the website's speed

We have applied a number of changements in order to enhance the overall speed of our website.

The menus "Buy", "Sell", "My Delcampe" have been completed

The 3 menus appearing on top of the page: "Buy", "Sell" and "My Delcampe" now contain all the links which are available for each section.

List of categories

The page showing an overview of all existing categories on our website is back. This page will be further enhanced in the future.

Saving of your parameters for all lists

The option to save all your parameters for all lists (e.g. the number of items per page) has been completed almost everywhere and the selected parameters will be applied for all pages that you visit.

All the items of one shop on all the Delcampe websites

Until now, the shop of a seller on a national website, would only show the items put up for sale on this national website. From now on, each shop will show all the items that have been put up for sale on all the different Delcampe websites. Even if you only sell on a national website, other members will be able to see all the items in your shop, from whichever Delcampe website they have opened.

The same view as the gallery for "My favorites"

On your favorites page, you now have the possibility to browse through categories like on other pages containing lists of items, the only exception being your global list of favorites. This part is soon to be enhanced.

Several different bank accounts

You will be able to add up to 5 different bank accounts to your payment methods.

Export of CSV-files in “My Delcampe”

All Club+ Silver members will be able to export the lists of their purchases as CSV-files; for all Club+ Gold members this option includes their lists of purchases and sales. They will have the possibility to chose between 2 formats: the old and the new one. Further improvements of this functionality will follow.

Seasonal decorations

Our traditional decorations have been put in place on the website in order to brighten the end of this year. They will remain on the website until the beginning of 2017.

Version 1.5.2 15/11/2016

"All images" view

In the results list, you can choose the number of pictures per item you want to see: one image per item, or all the images. To select this option, click on "Display" button and select the icon "Display: all images".

Ceiling bid

We have amended the bidding confirmation system. You can now clearly enter your ceiling bid in the automatic bidding box.

Prestige becomes Auction houses

The catalogs of the auction houses are available by clicking on the tab “Auction houses”. Two innovations:

  • You can add them to your favorite lists.
  • You can recommend them to a friend.


The forum is now available on the new website. You can have access to it by clicking on the tab in the menu bar. The forum no longer exists on the old Delcampe.

Version 1.5.1 9/11/2016

Following up your purchases and sales

This interface has been updated in order to match as much as possible the old website.

The personal reference as well as the sorting options per items are now back.
You will discover a new icon « % » in the buying and selling tracking list. With this icon, you will see if a feedback has already been given and, if needed, you could leave yours.

New favorites page

View all your favorites on one page.

Filter results based on keyword, category, seller, etc. using the menu on the left. The menu will also indicate the number of new items for your particular favorite (rigth hand side of the page).

Choose which information appears in the item lists

Choose which information appears in the item lists.

Select the type of information you would like to see through the cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner of the page. You can also alter the display settings through this button.

Version 1.4 01/09/2016

Improvement of the website accessibility

We have worked on the overall presentation of the website in order to offer you:

  • A more comfortable navigation thanks to a more designed gallery: the number of displayed items has increased and so has the size of their images. The item page has also been better organized.
  • More readable contents thanks to a new font and better contrasts.
  • A pleasant overall look.

Search suggestions

When you type the first letters of a keyword in the search bar, Delcampe will display the five most typed searches. Click on the search that most interests you and confirm it, the results will directly appear. If none of the searches matches yours, keep on typing your keywords and get the results as before.

Recommend to a friend

You can recommend an item to one or several friends (maximum 5). Click on the link « Recommend to a friend » in the right column below the « Add to your watched items » button

Add the nicknames of the persons you want to discover the items.

Suggest a new category

In the selling form or in each category's page , you can suggest a category which is not on Delcampe. Our team will analyze your suggestion and add this category if it is relevant to our actual categories.

Cancel a sale

As a seller you can fill in declarations of cancelled sales.

Select a sale or a whole invoice.

The declarations of cancelled sales are managed on two pages:

Inclusion of the multiple changes

Members of the Club+ Gold can use the multiple changes.

  • We have merged two functions « discount » and « increase » of the price into « change the price ». This functionality allows you to increase or decrease the price of several items at the same time.
  • We have merged the options « Relaunch as new » and « change the ending time » into « change the dates ». With this option, you can change the starting date (paying option) or ending date of your sales.

Use the multiple changes.

Enhanced security measure for private sales

At the end of the sale, the list of bidders will no longer be visible on the sale's page. The aim is to protect buyer's personal data until the end of the transaction.

Version 1.3 28/07/2016

Addition of buying and selling statistics

On this page, will you not only find your buying and selling statistics but also:

  • The information related to your blacklists.
  • A graph, automatically generated, will show you the number of items you have sold and the total amount that has been generated by those sales. You can personalize this graph according to the period you want to see.
  • Your position in the Top Stores - for sellers.

Discover the statistics pages for your sales and your purchases on Delcampe.

Addition of the Top Stores ranking

The 5 most popular stores on Delcampe will appear in this ranking for each category. It is updated once a week.

You will find it on the left corner of the following pages: lists of items, statistics of sales and in the stores section.

Your ad on Delcampe

Delcampe gives you the opportunity to add your ad on the website easily and at a reasonable price. To have more information on this, visit the dedicated page.

Version 1.2 29/06/2016

Addition of lower and grouped bids

You can make lower and grouped bids separately.
The two links appear on the item sale page in the purchase/bid box under the watchers indicator.

When you make a grouped offer, you can include other items from the seller that are on your watch list. They will be automatically suggested to you.
The seller can also make a counter-offer to the buyer when they submit a lower bid.

Addition of sales options

The sales options available on the old version of the website are now available on the new one.

A few changes have been made:

  • The 'top of category' option has been removed.
  • The 'top of list' option in now called 'showcase'. It enables you to put items at the top of the lists in the category selected. Six new items are displayed simultaneously instead of five.
  • The 'subtitle' option has also been eliminated.

If you purchased one of these options, they will be applied until the end of your sale. You can no longer use them after renewal.

If renewal is done automatically, the option "Top of category" will remain active until the end of your sale, and will be invoiced according to the "Showcase" option fee at each renewal.

Addition of social network share buttons

An item can now be shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr). Share your favorite items via the icons located at the lower right side of the photo of the item.

Addition of the applied filters

If you use filters for your search results, they are now indicated beside the number of items found.

Delcampe website selection in the selling form

In the selling form, you can now select which Delcampe website you wish to use to sell your items.

See our help centre for more information. You can also contact our Customer Service department.

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