We have decided to refine in a more coherent way the sub-categories of our "French coins" category, mainly the sections concerning the "Franc" (after 1789).

These categories were, since the creation of the website, organized by face value. At the request of many experienced numismatists and in order to better reflect the reality of the collecting world, we have established a new categorization based on the periods of the franc's history (Consulate, First Empire, Louis XVIII, Charles X ...)

This new structure has an impact on your ongoing sales previously listed in these categories. Indeed, we had to deactivate some of the current subcategories to put the new categories online. This was the best solution to keep your items listed.

In the next few days, we will carry out a reclassification ourselves based on the keywords contained in the sale titles, but we will not be able to reclassify everything. Many of your coins may end up in the "Other & unclassified " category.

Therefore, we encourage you to check your items and move them to the appropriate new categories. A well-categorized item has a much better chance of being sold!

We thank you for your understanding and wish you many successful transactions with the new category organization.