For years, 'Unclassified' and 'Other' subcategories have been present in many places on the website.

The 'Other' subcategories were set up to insert items for which no specific category had been developed, while the 'Unclassified' subcategories were used to list items that could fit into more than one sub-category, or for which sellers were unsure of which category was most appropriate.

As these 'Other' and 'Unclassified' categories were, in reality, fairly equivalent, buyers had to browse through both to find items that might interest them.

In order to make it easier for buyers to find the items they are looking for, we have decided to merge the 'Other' and 'Unclassified' categories into a single 'Other & Unclassified' category.

The 'Other' categories will soon be deleted and the items they contain will be moved to the 'Unclassified' categories, which will be renamed 'Other & Unclassified'.

There are almost 1000 'Other' subcategories involved.

We invite you to add your items to these 'Other & Unclassified' categories (which may still be called 'Unclassified') and, if you are a buyer, to adapt your favourites. You can find more information on favorites in this section of the Help Center: Favorites & watched items