When an item is offered for sale, the seller is asked to ensure that it complies with our Charter. However, if we notice an item that does not comply with our Charter, the sale will be closed by a moderator or a member of the Delcampe team.

There are many reasons why a sale may be closed, you will find below a non-exhaustive list of reasons for closure. For more information, we invite you to check the "Authorized, forbidden and questionable items" section of our Charter.


Selling fakes, copies and reproductions

Delcampe forbids the sale of these items.
However, an exception is made for fake stamps, coins and postcards which can be collected.
- stamps (prior to 1945 only),
- coins (prior to 1945 only),
- postcards

Selling these exceptions is allowed as long as the seller fully spells out the nature of the item (reproduction, forgery or copy) in capital letters in the item title and description. An abbreviation is not sufficient.


Selling firearms, firearm parts and ammunition

Unless otherwise provided by law, firearms, parts of weapons, ammunition after 1870 and shock weapons are prohibited.

In the case of firearms, an exception will only be made for those after 1870. These must absolutely be neutralized. Neutralization must be proven for the sale via a photo, the neutralization certificate (for example, a test bench certificate), or if unavailable, via the neutralization punch, or if none, the precise location of the effective neutralization (hammer, cylinder, barrel, breech, etc.).
Ammunition is authorized if it has been neutralized by drilling the casing. A photo clearly showing where the casing is drilled must be included for the sale.


Selling pornographic items, erotic items and nudes

Products and offers with sexual or pornographic, perverse, sadomasochistic (SM), zoophiliac or paedophilic content are prohibited.

Certain exceptions apply to erotic items prior to 1960.
Erotic items such as postcards, photos, films, books and magazines from before 1960 are allowed as long as:
- the person depicted is not and does not appear to be a minor,
- intimate areas are fully hidden,
- the items are added to a category strictly reserved for adults over 18 (“Erotic items (...-1960)”, “Adult nudes”),
- their titles are not suggestive,
- no close-up is added.

 An exception is also made for artistic nudes in the form of photographs and postcards, even from after 1960.  “Artistic nudes” are images in which the human body is elevated to the level of pure artistic expression, is not placed in a vulgar position, and the facial expression is not teasing.
They can be sold as long as:

- the person depicted is not and does not appear to be a minor,
- intimate areas are fully hidden,
- the items are added to a category strictly reserved for adults over 18 (“Artistic nudes (1960-...)”),
- their titles are not suggestive. It should follow as much as possible the following outline: "Title of the work - nude masculine/feminine/mixed - color/black and white - format - print - year - name of the photographer". 


Selling nazi-related items

Military, civilian or political items (uniforms and sections of uniforms, armbands, headdresses, helmets, daggers, weapons, decorations, medals, insignia, flags and pennants) as well as propaganda books are forbidden.

Stamps and official coins, as well as postcards and photos, are authorized as long as they do not include any ideological, xenophobic or racist messages

Regarding postcards and photos, all Nazi symbols must be hidden. Reproductions and re-manufactured items are not authorized.


Selling illegal labels

The following labels are prohibited:
- Labels with logos, illustrations or photos belonging to third parties who have not given their approval for their use
- Labels apparently issued illegally by an existing territory (country or region), whether or not it issues postage stamps


Selling fantasy labels not indicated as such

Fantasy labels, also called cinderellas, are only authorized as long as:
- the seller clearly adds the word "LABEL" in capital letters at the beginning of the title
- the sellers places the sale in the category “Stamps > Topics > Fantasy labels”.


Selling items which violate copyrights

Any item offered for sale must comply with Belgian, European or international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

It is forbidden to list any items and products which violate:




-corporate secrets or other protection rights

-personality rights or the protection rights of third-party data (in particular pirated products including copies, counterfeits, and softwares on CDR).
This restriction applies to all Kenzo, Guerlain, Givenchy and Dior branded items:
perfumes, cards, samples, empty and full bottles, pins and accessories.


Selling a non-collectable item

The Delcampe website is a platform on which only items that are collectors' items or that have a direct link with this domain can be put on sale. Any item considered as not belonging to this class of items will have its sale closed.


Selling an item which is not in the seller's possession

Only items in the seller's material possession may be sold. It is forbidden to put on sale an item that is not in the seller's possession.


Selling an item in poor condition not indicated as such

It is forbidden to put items in poor condition or with defects for sale without informing potential buyers. Any defects must be clearly indicated in the description of the item. The price of the item in poor condition must also be adjusted.


Selling an item at a unreasonable price

The price of an item offered for sale must be reasonable. A price that is too high and does not correspond to market reality may lead to the closure of the sale.


Sales where you can choose between several items

It is forbidden to create sales grouping together several items and leaving it up to the buyer to choose one or more.

If a seller creates a sale with several objects, he commits himself to sell all the items at once. A sale must correspond to a specific object or a complete lot.