As long as no bid is placed, you can change all the settings of an ongoing sale.

To modify a sale

  1. Go to the item page
  2. Click on "Modify" on top of the page
  3. On this new page, similar to the selling form, edit the settings of the sale (price, description, title, end date, ...) and add/remove images
  4. Confirm these changes by clicking on "Modify the sale"

Tip: You can also modify your sale on the page "My ongoing sale". Once you have found the sale in question, click on "More" and then on "Modify". Then follow the instructions above.

If a sale has at least one bid, the only possible changes are:

Warning: once an option has been added and the modification has been validated, it is no longer possible to remove it. Its cost will be charged to you.

Warning: In the case of a sale with multiple quantities, as soon as at least one copy of the item is purchased, you can no longer modify the sale for the remaining quantity on sale. It is necessary to close the sale and then create a similar sale .