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What do you have to do during this period?

We are currently facing a coronavirus pandemic. In order to contain it as quickly as possible, we can only recommend that you strictly follow the official guidelines.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

What is the impact of the coronavirus on Delcampe's services?

During all this period, Delcampe stays by your side. Our staff works from home to prevent the spread of the virus and maintains all our services. You will not see any difference on the website.

What is the purpose of this dedicated page?

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about the measures taken by Delcampe and to provide you with information about parcel shipments. It will be updated daily.

What is the information regarding to the shipment of collectables?

According to the World Health Organization, the risk of contamination by mail is extremely low, as the virus only lasts a few hours on an inanimate medium. Therefore, there are no contraindications to make transactions on Delcampe.

Some countries, however, experience difficulties with the distribution of mail and parcels. The table below aims at keeping you informed on this matter. It is updated every day. However, we do not have any further information compared to what the national post services provide.

Caption: Fully functional postal service / Functional but slower postal service / Problematic postal service / Postal service at standstill

Postal service
Status Useful links
Germany - Deutsche Post Functional but slower postal service
Australia - Australia Post Functional but slower postal service
Austria - Post AG Problematic postal service 
Belgium- Bpost Problematic postal service
Canada - Canada Post Problematic postal service
Spain- Correos Problematic postal service
United states - USPS Problematic postal service
France- La Poste Functional but slower postal service
Italia - Poste Italiane Problematic postal service
The Netherlands - PostNL Functional but slower postal service
United Kingdom - Royal Mail Problematic postal service
Switzerland - La Poste Functional but slower postal service

What should I keep in mind when sending an item?

Generally speaking, communication will be your best ally. Ideally, you should use the tracking icons in your sale tracking ou purchase tracking :


As the seller, inform the buyer of the shipping date and any difficulties encountered.

As the buyer, be patient and tolerant.

What are the measures taken by Delcampe for its members during this period?

During this exceptional period, we have decided to take different measures in favor of our members:

Concerning sale cancellations, the usual delay of 2 months is extended by 2 months (4 months in total).

Concerning the deadlines for feedback, they are also extended by 2 months. The deadline for leaving a 100% feedback is therefore extended from 4 to 6 months. The deadline for comments and other feedback is extended from 2 to 4 months.

Again, before giving a negative feedback, be patient and communicate with your seller.

How to communicate with other members regarding the coronavirus?

In order to ensure a better communication and mutual aid between our members regarding the coronavirus, we put at your disposal a mutual assistance forum dedicated to the coronavirus.

We hope that this period of containment will soon come to an end and are happy to remain at your side to allow you to find an escape thanks to your collection.



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