99.8% of the transactions take place in good circumstances on the Delcampe website.
However, we sometimes have to deplore some attempts of fraud.
As soon as we detect a suspicious item or account or as soon as it is reported to us, we quickly check it and take the necessary measures.
As the security of members and transactions is at the heart of our concerns, we would like to give you a few tips to help you make your sales and purchases in the best possible conditions.

Don't forget that the first line of defence against scamming attempts is your vigilance!

Generally speaking: Avoid contacts by email and use Delcampe's messaging system. Our interface allows you to carry out a transaction in complete security without having to communicate via emails external to the website.

Hint: The security indicators of a member are the postal verification, his membership to the Club+ and the fact that he accepts payments via Delcampe Pay. Think about it!

If you detect a suspicious item or an attempted scam, we invite you to report it to us via the "Report this item" link on each item page.

With this good advice, we wish you excellent and pleasant transactions on the Delcampe website!

You are a seller:

We recommand you to:

  • always beware of off-site offers: apart from the fact that this practice deprives Delcampe of a commission necessary for the proper functioning of the website, it will not be possible for us to assist you or to follow up on a transaction in case of difficulty. Invite your buyers to send you their lower offers via our interface.
  • send your payment requests via your "sold items": your buyers will then be sure of the origin of the payment requests and you can easily track your sales in your "sold items".
  • ship the items sold to the buyer's address mentioned on the page of the concerned sales, on the payment request or on the delivery note, as specified in the Delcampe Charter.

You are a buyer

We always advise you to:

  • be very careful when buying from a new seller with little or no feedback. You can check the date a seller registered on their profile page by clicking on their nickname. Be careful also with "very recent" sellers who have many ratings within a few days. It takes a little time for a transaction to take place, for the seller to receive payment, for the seller to ship the lots and for the lots to be received by a buyer. A seller who has received feedback the day after or two days after listing may therefore be suspicious.
  • be wary of overly attractive prices (always with a recent seller). Collectors and dealers know the value of items. If an item is offered to you for a ridiculous price or much less than its real value, it is possible that it is a scam attempt.
  • check the payment methods accepted by a (new) seller. In this case, prefer a seller who proposes payments via methods offering a better trust index such as Paypal or Delcampe Pay. Keep in mind that to retrieve a Delcampe Pay payment, a member has to confirm his identity with our banking partner. In case of payments in cash, by bank transfer or by check, you generally have no recourse.
  • do not rush to send a payment in cash, bank transfer or cheque to a new seller. We regularly check new accounts and sometimes we receive reports that cause us to close suspicious accounts quickly. Do not forget that, according to the Delcampe Charter, a buyer has 14 days after receiving the invoice to send his payment.
  • be very careful with payment requests sent to you by email, outside the Delcampe website. Sellers have a 'sold items' interface, the equivalent of 'My purchases' page on the 'Buyer' side, which allows them to send their invoices via Delcampe. We always advise them to use this tool for a better follow-up and especially to guarantee the security of the transactions. However, some sellers prefer to send their payment requests by e-mail. In this case, always check the credibility of the IBAN bank details they provide. A French seller sending you an IBAN in Poland (PL...) or Tunisia (TN...) should attract your attention. In this case, contact us quickly (without sending your payment) so that we can carry out the necessary checks.