Grouped bids are active for 30 days.

This means that you can change or delete them during this time.

If the seller doesn’t take any action during this time, your offer will be deleted automatically.


This article covers the following topics:

Changing a grouped bid 

To change or delete a bid, go to “My bids: Grouped

Your grouped bids will be displayed in a table



  1. Click on the button mceclip1.png. A new window will open
  2. Change the total amount of your grouped bid
  3. Next, click on the button mceclip3.png. A confirmation will appearmceclip4.png


Deleting a grouped bid

  1. Click on the button mceclip5.png
  2. A confirmation message will appear
  3. Click on the button mceclip7.png
  4. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page mceclip8.png and the tag mceclip6.png will appear beside the grouped bid in question.