This article covers the following topics:

My buyer's account is suspended or closed and I haven't been paid

  1. Put the transaction on hold
  2. Check, within a few days, wheter the buyer's account has been reactivated.
  3. Depending on the status of the buyer's account, there are two possibilities:

If the buyer's account has been reactivated:

  • Send your payment request if you haven't done it yet: the transaction goes on
  • The buyer has 14 days to send his payment to you (starting from the day you have sent your payment request)

If the buyer's account is not reactivated after a maximum of 7 days

  • Open a dispute on the website
  • If after 7 days, you haven't been replied in the dispute, you can consider this sale as cancelled and archive its payment request.
    Note: the sale has to be cancelled by you. For more information on how to do this, consult this article:  "Cancel a sale"

My buyer's account is suspended or closed and I have been paid

  1. You are under the obligation to send the item within the 14 days that follow the reception of the payment.
  2. For the rest of the transaction (feedback, ...), check, in the following days, whether the buyer's account is reactivated.