This service is one of the many benefits of our Club+ Gold membership.

This article explains how to change sales renewals in a few clicks.

The changes will only apply to your ongoing sales without a bid.

To change sales renewals en masse:

  1. Go to the multiple changes page.
  2. Select “Change renewals”:
  3. Select the number of renewals and the renewal period in the scrolling menu.
  4. Select your items by category.

    To select all categories:

    Select mceclip1.png to ensure that the change is applied to all categories.

    To select specific categories:

    Select the category to which you want the change to apply
    Click on mceclip3.png

    Tip: Repeat this action for each category to which you want this change to apply


  5. Check your changes via the summary table

  6. Click on  mceclip7.png to validate your change