You can close your Delcampe Pay Account at any time. Closure will be immediate or deferred if you have made transactions.

To close your Delcampe Pay account

  1. Go to “Manage: My Delcampe Pay settings”
  2. Click on "Close my Delcampe Pay account"
  3. Confirm by clicking on "Yes, close my Delcampe Pay account".
  4. What happens next depends on whether or not you have made any transactions
    a) If you have not made any transactions, your account is closed immediately.
    b) If you have made transactions, your account is suspended for three months. It will be definitively closed after that deadline. You will receive an email confirmation on the day of your request, three days before and on the day it is definitively closed.

    You can reactivate your account at any time during the three months without losing your benefits by clicking on "Cancel the desactivation" in "Manage: My Delcampe Pay settings".