To access the details of the payments made with your Delcampe Pay Account, go to the dashboard page.

A menu called “Activity” gives you access to:


Click on the type of payment you want to see.


  You can make three types of payments via Delcampe Pay. They are detailed in this article:


Payments sent

Payments sent are divided into three categories accessible via the tabs at the top of the page:



Tip: the numbers shown for each movement correspond to the Delcampe Pay transaction numbers. 

  • Pending: money withdrawn from your Delcampe Pay Account for your bank account (by bank transfer only).


  • Finished: payments sent to sellers

    or to your Delcampe account


    and your refunds.



Tip: you can sort the payments sent by date or currency: 



Payments received

Although the three tabs are visible under payments received, (to be executed, pending and completed) only the “completed” category is applicable. It consists of:

  • Payments received from buyers

  • Money added to your Delcampe Pay Account 11.PNG

  • Any refunds made by sellers

Tip: as for the payments sent, you can sort your payments received by date or by currency using the same filtering system. 


All payments

All payments, regardless if they are sent or received, appear in this category.

You can sort all payments sent or received by clicking on the above-mentioned tabs.