You can only make a refund via Delcampe Pay if you were originally paid this way and the refund is made within three months of receiving payment.

To make a refund:

  1.  Go to your dashboard showing the latest activity on your account or the payments received: finished page
  2. Click on “Refund” for the transaction in question. 1.png
  3. A new window will open:
  4. Click on 3.JPG
  5. A confirmation message will appear:


Your buyer will be refunded the full amount they paid and the refund will appear in payments sent: finished.




The buyer paid €6.00 to the seller via Delcampe Pay.

The seller is credited €5.53 (i.e. €6.00 - €0.47 in fees).

The seller refunds the buyer €6.00 and the €0.47 in fees are no longer posted to the seller’s account.


Note: If you have to refund your buyer because the transaction couldn't be finalised, you must cancel the sale to recover your Delcampe sales commission.