Use “My watching list” to find items to follow and receive reminders before the sale closes.

This article covers the following topics:

Adding an item to my watching list

Via the item page

  1. Click on "Add to my watching list"
  2. The tracked sale is displayed after the item has been added

Via a search page

  1. Position your mouse on the item image. A heart will appear
  2. Click on the heart. Once the item has been added, the icon will change colour.

Displaying my watching list

Click on "Watching list" to find your tracked items.

The complete list will be displayed in a table.

Use the table to sort your sales using filters. Add or delete a reminder for each item tracked.
For more information, see the article “Add or delete a reminder for a watched item”.

The table enables you to display all items, only those which are still open (sales in progress) or closed sales (completed sales)



Removing an item from my watching list

  1. Go to My watching list
  2. Click "Delete" on  the item in question

Tip: To remove the item tracked, click on the heart again in the search page or click on "Remove from my watching list" on the sales page.