To change a payment request that hasn’t been paid yet:

  1. Go to  "My sale tracking: invoiced”
  2. Find the payment request to be modified and click on mceclip2.png next to the request of your choice
  3. Select "Edit the payment request" in the drop-down menu

  4. Edit your request.

    If, at this stage, you want to remove an item from the payment request, check the box(es) following the item(s) and click on mceclip0.png. Items  will be isolated in another payment request in "My sale tracking: to be invoiced"
  5. Click on mceclip1.png ans your buyer will receive a new payment request.

Tip: professional sellers should replace the term "payment request" by "invoice".

Warning: if you have used the automated fee template system, you can only apply a discount to your payment requests. Indeed, by using the fee template, you have previously defined your shipping and/or handling fees. These costs are fixed and cannot be modified.