Below are the answers to a series of questions we have received about the new memberships and the 2024 platform fees.

This article covers the following topics:


Store plus

Store memberships

End of handling fees

Platform fees

Other questions

- Store Plus -

When does the Store Plus membership come into effect?

The precise launch date of the Store Plus membership has not yet been determined. You will receive an e-mail notification announcing its release. To make sure you don't miss out on any of our latest news, we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter.


How will Club+ memberships be switched over to Store Plus? What about annual memberships?

For Club+ Gold members:

For members with a Club+ Gold annual membership, this will automatically be converted to a Store Plus membership, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits at no additional cost until your current period expires. For example, if your Club+ Gold membership expires on 20 November 2024, it will become a Store Plus membership from the launch of the new service until 20 November 2024, at no additional cost.

For those with a Club+ Gold monthly membership, conversion to Store Plus will also take place at no additional cost until the end of the current monthly period. After that, you will have the option of renewing your membership at the updated Store Plus rate.

For Club+ Bronze & Silver members :

Club+ Bronze and Silver memberships will no longer be available when the Store Plus membership is launched. A pro-rata refund will be made to your Mangopay account for the remaining period of your membership. In addition, we are delighted to announce that from now on, the 100 daily email alerts will be offered free of charge to all our customers, an offer previously reserved for Club+ Gold members.


Do I need to subscribe to Store Plus to benefit from the personal reference?

Access to personal references will indeed be one of the benefits of the Store Plus membership.


- Store memberships -

When will store memberships come into effect?

The exact launch date of the store memberships has not yet been determined. You will receive an e-mail notification announcing their release. To make sure you don't miss out on any of our latest news, we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter.


What should sellers do when these new store memberships are launched online?

The transition to the new membership system will be smooth. When the new memberships are introduced, you will be given a free one-month membership tailored to the size of your shop. During this free month, you'll have to choose which membership you'd like to take out.

You will then have three options:

  • Continue with this membership and keep all your items for sale on Delcampe.
  • Reduce the number of items in your shop and choose a lower or even free membership:

To manage your sales, you will be able to close superfluous listings manually or use the multiple changes sale closing tool, which will be available free of charge for one month.

If you do not sort, the system will automatically close the oldest listings at the end of the month. These items will be accessible in the unsold items section. You will then keep in your shop the number of items corresponding to the membership you have chosen. If you have not chosen a membership during the month offered, your shop membership will automatically change to a "Free" membership with a maximum of 1,000 items online.


  • Opt for a higher membership if you want to increase the number of items for sale.

To check the current number of items in your shop, go to Sell > My shop > View my shop > View all items in this shop. A counter will also be set up on various pages to inform you of the number of items online once memberships have been activated. A detailed explanation page will be available as soon as the new system is launched.


Won't store memberships increase the cost for sellers?

From 2 April 2024, commission fees on sales will be waived at Delcampe. However, sellers will be asked to pay a fee for the use of storage space. This measure is explained by the fact that the cost of storing an item on our servers remains the same whether it is sold or not, and regardless of its price. To cover these costs, Delcampe will introduce a store membership. According to our estimates, 95% of our sellers will see their costs reduced significantly with this new system.


- End of handling fees -

On 2 April, it will no longer be possible to charge handling fees. How will sellers cover their packaging costs?

As there will no longer be any commission fees to pay on sales, we have taken the decision to waive the unnecessary handling fees as of 2 April. There have been many complaints from buyers about opaque and sometimes abusive management or handling fees. In order to improve price transparency, it will no longer be possible to include any additional charges apart from, of course, reasonable shipping costs. Packaging costs will therefore have to be included either in the price of the item or in the shipping costs.


- Platform fees -

Quand est-ce que les frais de plateforme payés par l’acheteur entreront en vigueur ?

The platform fees to be paid by the buyer will come into effect on 2 April 2024.


Why did Delcampe implement platform fees for buyers?

From 2 April, on the item presentation page, you will see the total price of the item including the commission fee, with no risk of surprises. This formula will be more transparent for everyone. Thanks to the Delcampe system (PayPal or Mangopay), payment will be automatically split between the seller and Delcampe.

You'll understand that our income will come from these payments, which is why payments to the seller outside the website are no longer authorised since 16 January.

Want to find out more about how transaction fees are calculated? Read our dedicated article:

How much do buyers pay in platform fees?

The amount of the platform fees will be available on our rates page when we go online on 02/04.
You can currently view the rates via our blog post:

As a seller, should I modify the price of my sales?

As a seller, you don't have to do anything. The items will be displayed with the platform fees directly included.
If your selling price is 10 euros, once the item has been bought and paid for, you will receive 10 euros (and any shipping costs). The platform fees paid by the buyer will be sent directly to Delcampe.


What will happen to items with bids before 2 April but which end after that date?

For transactions concluded with a bid placed before the implementation of the new system, the previous conditions will remain in force, i.e. sales commission payable by the seller and no platform fee for the buyer.

Do the platform fees paid by the buyer apply to the shipping costs?



Won't the new pricing system hinder the sale and purchase of low-value items?

Currently, if a seller wants to sell an item for 10 cents, this is not possible because the cost of the commission is higher than the value of the item. The seller would then be selling at a loss. Few low-priced items are therefore being offered.

With the introduction of the new pricing system, where the platform costs are borne by the buyer, the seller has the option of listing an item for 10 cents and actually receiving this amount, in addition to any postage costs.

This change therefore benefits the sale of low-value items.



- Other questions -


Why hasn't the video been translated?

The video is available in French and English. For members of other language communities, you can display subtitles on YouTube. See this YouTube help article to find out how:


What about tax returns for sellers?

As sellers do not receive the platform fees themselves, they will not be included in the payments they receive.

The seller will therefore not have to declare them as such.

Delcampe is not qualified to provide advice on your tax obligations. If you have not already done so, we invite you to contact an accountant or your tax authorities for any questions regarding your tax status.