You can pay most of the fees owed to Delcampe via your fee history:

  • Club+ subscriptions
  • Renewals
  • Advertising

As soon as a debit appears in your fee history, you are asked to make payment of the amount requested. A payment for an amount greater or less than the amount due is not possible.

Several methods are available to you to make payment of the amount due to Delcampe. They depend, among other things, on your country of residence. The methods are PayPal and Mangopay (included under the “Payments” tab). Both Paypal and Mangopay provide several electronic payment options: credit card, bank card, bank transfer, etc.

How can I pay the balance due displayed in my fee history?

  1. Go to "My Delcampe fees: Pay the amount due to Delcampe" page

    Tip: This function is also available via the "My Delcampe fees: History", page and clicking on "Pay".

  2. Select the payment method

    - If the balance available in your electronic wallet is sufficient: it will be the only option available

    - If the balance of your electronic wallet is €0.00 or is insufficient, you can select one of your linked cards or a direct payment method or select PayPal to pay the entire amount

  3. Click on "Continue to payment"
    Depending on the method selected, you will be asked to validate your payment via a security procedure or on the PayPal website