If you wish to credit your account by bank transfer for the 1st time time, please follow the instructions below.

Please note that the possibility to credit your wallet by bank transfer is only available if your account currency is Euros.

This article covers the following topics:

How to add money to my Delcampe Pay account by bank transfer?

  1. Go to "Manage: Add money"
  2. Click on "Bank transfer"
  3. Read the instructions carefully, as they will help you make the transfer with your bank.
    Please note that the transfer does not take place automatically via the website. You must make the transfer yourself using these instructions.

    Tip: You can print this information by clicking on "print it"

Please note that the IBAN to which we invite you to make the transfer is personal to you. If, at a later date, you wish to credit your wallet again by bank transfer, you will still have to make the payment to this IBAN. It is no longer necessary to use the feature "Add money by bank transfer" in your Delcampe Pay account.

How soon will my payment be credited?

The money transferred will be added at the earliest 2 days after your transfer.

If the amount has not been added to your balance, please contact our customer service and provide us with proof of payment (pdf document, scan or photo). The following information must be visible on the document:

  • the IBAN of the paying account
  • the IBAN of the beneficiary account
  • the amount paid
  • the payment date
  • the message you entered