The tab "Payments" lists the payments received via the payment methods available on the website: PayPal and Mangopay (depending on the methods activated). Both PayPal and Mangopay provide several electronic payment options: credit card, bank card, bank transfer, etc.

Refunds can only be made via the Delcampe website if the payment was made using one of the methods linked to Mangopay and only within two months of receipt of the payment.
If the PayPal payment method was used, you must go to their website to process the refund.

On Delcampe, you can refund the entire payment received or a smaller amount for a partial refund. Note that the minimum refund amount cannot be less than 10 cents (all currencies included).

If you don't have a sufficient balance on your account for the refund you want to make, you will first have to credit it. For more information, go to the article "Credit my balance".

To refund your buyer

  1. Go to "Payments: History"
  2. Click on "Refund". This link can be found in the "Description” column for the la transaction in question
  3. A new window will open. It will show the amount paid by the buyer
    a) By default, if you have a sufficient balance, the system will propose a full refund of the amount paid
    b) If you want to make a partial refund, change the amount shown
  4. Click on "Refund"
  5. A confirmation message will appear. Your buyer will be refunded the amount requested and your refund will appear as a “refund sent” or a “partial refund sent”.

If you have to refund your buyer because the transaction could not be finalised, you must request cancellation of the sale to recover the commission. For more information, please see the article: "Cancel a sale".