Platform fees borne by the buyer

Based on the item price, they are calculated as follows:

Platform costs
Percentage + Fixed amount

By item


By item

(Taxes and fees included, excluding shipping and import fees)

Feature your items with our sales options!

Sales options allow you to add functionality to your sales and to highlight them.
The price of the options is reduced for Club+ Gold members

Bold title
Bold title
€0.30 ( Price )
€0.24 ( Club+ )
Coloured border
Coloured border
€1.25 ( Price )
€1.00 ( Club+ )
Colour background
Colour background
€2.00 ( Price )
€1.60 ( Club+ )
Highlight your item
Highlight your item
€1.25 ( Price )
€1.00 ( Club+ )
Your item on the homepage
Your item on the homepage
€6.50 ( Price )
€5.20 ( Club+ )
Planning the sale
Planning the sale
€0.15 ( Price )
Free ( Club+ )

Your advert on Delcampe!

Get additional visibility in the categories of your choice to reach the audience of interest to you!

Increase your Delcampe Store's visibility
For professionals only
External website
Increase the visibility of the website of your choice
For professionals only
Create my advert on Delcampe

Discover the many advantages of our Club+ memberships!

Club+ provides exclusive services and discounts on certain prices.

Club+ Bronze Buyer
€1.44 /month
Club+ Silver Advanced buyer
€2.88 /month
Club+ Gold Advanced Buyer/Seller
€5.76 /month
Discover the advantages of Club+

Efficient, cost-effective payment solutions

Delcampe offers two electronic payment solutions. These are PayPal and Mangopay.

PayPal is the preferred payment solution for buyers worldwide. With over 20 years of experience, PayPal is used for billions of transactions every year on the vast majority of marketplaces. To see how much it costs to use PayPal, which is very economical, we invite you to take a look at their terms and conditions.

The Mangopay payment solution (formerly Delcampe Pay) is entirely free on Delcampe and has attracted many users.

These two payment solutions offer a wide range of payment methods: credit card, maestro, bancontact and more. You can also fund your account by these methods or by bank transfer.

Present your auction house’s catalogues to a passionate audience!

Join our prestigious auction houses and offer your exceptional items to our community of hundreds of thousands of visitors every month

Import it myself
Auction house
Import your catalogue
For professionals only
Let Delcampe import your catalogue
Auction house
Let Delcampe import your catalogue for optimal results and no time required on your part.
For professionals only

You are an auction house?
Contact us for a customised offer. Your first catalogue is free!

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Save time by simultaneously modifying your items for sale!

Tools are available to modify several sales at the same time.

Relaunch as new / Change the dates
€0.02 per item (with a minimum of €15.00).
Change the prices

Club+ members only
Change the renewals

Club+ members only
Change the type of sale

Club+ members only
Move my sales

Club+ members only
close restart
Close or restart my sales

Club+ members only
Archive, Unarchive, Remove my closed sales

Club+ members only
Discover the advantages of Club+

See our administrative fees.

Refund of Delcampe account balance

There are no administrative charges for closing your Delcampe account.

Import fees

In the case of an import, in addition to the import VAT due in the buyer's country of residence and transferred to the receiving office in that country, Delcampe also charges an administrative fee amounting to 5% of the value of the imported good.

More info for users from the United Kingdom, click here.
More info for users from the European Union, click here.

Payment to Delcampe bank account

From 16/01/2024, we invite you to make your payments via your Delcampe account - My fees - Pay.

If your payment still reaches us on the bank account BE38 3631 8432 2672 which can no longer be used, we will charge you €15.00 for the administrative follow-up of this error.

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