It is highly recommended that you define a fixed price fee template if you always sell the same type of items.
As the weight of the items is the always the same, it’s easier to determine set shipping fees based solely on the shipping method used.

To create the template

  1. Go to the "Fee templates" page
  2. Select "Fixed price" in the "Type of fee template” section
    If you have already created a fee template, click on "Add a new fee template" first
  3. Set shipping fees by zone (zones can be set up on the sales conditions page)
    You will first be asked to set the fees for the zone that includes your country

    a) Next to "Zone 1", click on "Define fees"
    b) Then click on "Select a shipping method" to choose a delivery method from the list of available methods
    c) Enter the price for this delivery method
    d) If you wish to add other delivery methods for this zone, click on "Add a new delivery method"
    e) Click on "Save". By clicking on "Delete", anything you have added will be deleted.

    If necessary, repeat the steps for the other zones.

    Warning: the mention "Undefined fees" means that you have not set any shipping costs for this zone. If you submit the form and leave a zone with undefined shipping costs, the system assumes that you do not want to sell the item in that zone. Buyers from these countries will not be able to bid on or purchase the item.

  4. Add any exceptions for your deliveries
    This step is also optional. Nothing is set by default.
    You can either provide free shipping or require delivery with tracking based on a sales amount threshold, a given number of items sold, or the chosen payment method.

    Warning: if you want to require a tracked shipping in the case of a PayPal payment, please refer to the above instructions.

  5. Enter the name of the template. To facilitate management, it’s recommended that you select a practical name which is easy to remember.
    Click on "Save this template"

Tip: if you sell several different types of items, you can create several fee templates based on a fixed price. Example: if you primarily sell two very different categories of items (for example: stamps and postcards), you can create a fee template for the stamps which will be applied to the sale of the stamps in your shop and create another fee template for your postcards.

To see what other types of template to use and how to create them, see the article entitled “How can I calculate the shipping fees for my sales automatically?