Cancelling an invoice enables you to recover the commission calculated on the items sold but not yet paid for. Cancellation must take place at most 60 days after the sale is closed. 

Note: even if your buyer’s account is closed, a commission will nevertheless be calculated the month following the purchase. You must, therefore, cancel the sale to ensure that it isn’t calculated.

If you have several sales from the same buyer to cancel, we invite you to read the article "Cancel an invoice"

To cancel a sale:

  1. Go to your sale tracking and find the invoice that you want to cancel.
  2. Click on  mceclip0.png, then on "Cancel the sale"
  3. Choose between a neutral feedback (comment only) or a negative feedback (0% or 25%) from the drop-down menu and enter a comment.
  4. Enter the reason for your cancellation request
  5. Click on mceclip1.png
  6. A confirmation of your request will appear on your screen. This is visible in your "Cancelled sales".


Tip: for more information on how cancellation requests are handled, see the article "How are sales cancellation requests processed? "

If you wish to put the cancelled item back on sale, see "Relist a cancelled item"