The Delcampe forum is a friendly place dedicated to people with a passion for collecting.

You can go the forum to exchange tips, help or receive help and exchange messages.

For everyone’s well-being, you do, however, have to comply with the rules of good conduct below.

This article covers the following topics:

Forum access

The forum is accessible from all of the website’s pages

Click on “Community” on the menu bar, then on “Forum

Writing about a topic

The forum is divided into three main areas dedicated to specific topics:

  • collections
  • the Delcampe website
  • the Delcampe community

The topics are further subdivided into subsections.

  1. Select the right section and subsection to post your message.
    For example, if your topic is about your book collection, select the corresponding topic.
  2. Click on the button "New post"
  3. Select a name for your topic
  4. Write your message in the box for this purpose
  5. Add a picture, if needed, by clicking on the “+” symbol
  6. Check the next box "I have read the Forum Chart ..."
  7. Click on "Create"

Writing an answer to a topic

  1. To respond to a topic posted or a presentation, click on "Reply to this post"
  2. Write your message in the box for this purpose
  3. Add a picture, if needed, by clicking on the "+" symbol
  4. Enter by clicking on "Answer"

Tip: You can also provide an answer to the overall topic at the bottom of the page.

Searches on the forum

You can do an advanced search on the forum. This functionality is very helpful when searching for a specific message or topic. For example, it enables you to check if a topic has already been created.

The advanced search enables you to search by keyword, mode, user nickname, forum (or a topic like stamp collecting) and to sort based on a given time-frame or the results displayed.

Receiving notifications

  1. To receive a notification when you get an answer, go to “My parameters: Emails"
  2. Under the tab "My Community emails", in front of "Answer on the forum", select “Activated
  3. Click on the button "Modify"  to ensure that your changes are taken into account