You can rate your transactions on Delcampe.

You can give your seller or buyer a feedback of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%, based on the quality of the transaction. You can also leave a “comment only”. This is a neutral feedback which does not change the rating percentage of your seller/buyer. The total percentage enables you to judge the reliability of members with which you carry out transactions.

You can give a feedback in the 60 days following the completion of a sale.

You can provide your feedback in three different ways:

Give a rating via “My feedback: To give”

  1. Go to "My feedback: To give”
    This page includes all of the transactions for which you can provide a feedback.
  2. Select the transaction(s) for which you want to leave a feedback. The advantage of this page is that you can rate several transactions at a time by selecting them in the column on the left.

  3. Select the percentage you want in the scrolling menu.

  4. Enter your comment (optional) comment.png.
  5. Click on .

Give a rating via “My purchase tracking” or “My sale tracking”

  1. Go to My purchase tracking or My sale tracking.
  2. Several methods are available depending on whether the invoice contains one or more items.

    If the invoice only contains one item: click on for the transaction in question.

    If the invoice contains several items and you want to rate them all: you can rate all of the items in the same transaction at the same time by clicking on the icon to the right of the other icons in your purchase/sale tracking:

    If the invoice contains several items and you want to rate them individually: click on the same icon in the “status/action” column for the item in question.

  3. Select the percentage you want to give and enter a comment if you want.

  4. Click on 
  5. Once you’ve entered the rating, the icon will appear in colour in your tracking .


Provide a feedback on the sales page

  1. Go to the tab  at the bottom of the sales page.
  2. Select the percentage in the scrolling menu.

  3. Enter your comment (optional).

  4. Click on .