After receiving the payment request, the buyer has 14 days to pay. If the buyer does not respond, the seller has several options:


Send a reminder

After 7 days without payment, you can send a reminder:

  1. Go to  My sold items: Invoiced
  2. Click on mceclip0.png  for the sale in question.
  3. Choose "Send a reminder" in the drop-down menu. A message will be sent to the buyer indicating that you are waiting for payment for this transaction.


Contact the buyer through the Delcampe messaging system

In order to directly contact your buyer:

  1. Click on his/her nickname to access his/her profile page
  2. Click on mceclip1.png
  3. Write a reminder message
  4. Click on mceclip2.png

Tip: We recommend that sellers try to reach the buyer at least twice through the website's messaging system.

Tip: You can also use the  "Search by member".


Open a dispute

If your buyer does not react within 7 days after this second contact (either via a payment reminder or direct contact), open a dispute procedure:

  1. Go to the mediation centre
  2. Choose the seller status and enter the item number (without spaces and without the # symbol)
  3. Choose "No response from my buyer" as reason for the dispute
  4. Enter a short explanation
  5. Click on "Open a dispute"


If the dispute cannot be solved, the seller may, under certain conditions, cancel the sale. In this case, the seller may evaluate the buyer negatively.

Tip: The buyer will not have the right to give the seller a negative feedback in return. If a negative feedback is nevertheless given, we invite the seller to contact our customer service.

Warning: The deadline for opening a dispute is 90 days maximum after the end of the sale.

Tip: for professional sellers, the words "payment request" should be replaced by "invoice".