The option to pay for your purchases by using part of your balance is only available if you have a euro account.

To pay for your purchase using part of your balance 

  1. Go to "My purchases: To pay"
  2. Find the transaction and click on "Pay"
  3. Select a delivery method
  4. Select "Mangopay"
  5. If you have a €0 balance or it is insufficient to pay for your purchase, select one of your linked cards or a direct payment method to complete the payment. 

    If you have a balance, both the balance and the amount that will be debited from your card/direct payment method will be displayed in the summary

    faq EN.jpg

    If you haven’t linked a card yet, you will have the option to do so on this page. For more information about this topic please see the article: ”I want to pay with my bank card. How can I pay?"

  6. Click on the button to confirm payment
    If you selected a linked card or a direct payment method, you may be redirected to your bank’s website to confirm the payment.

This option is only available if your seller’s country of residence is one of the countries eligible in Mangopay’s CGUs. If this is not the case, PayPal will be the only payment option available.