You can link a bank card to Mangopay. This enables you to pay the seller immediately or to add money directly to your account. This provides a time savings compared to a credit via bank transfer (which is only available to members using the EURO).

For security purposes, we must process a debit transaction (for example, for €1.00) when you add a credit card or a Maestro card. This transaction is followed by a refund transaction. However, depending on your bank, the refund can take up to 10 business days. The transaction will be transparent in most cases and will not appear in your bank statement. Some banks do, however, sometimes show these pre-authorisations. They may appear on your statements.

This article covers the following topics:

Which bank cards can be added?

The types of bank cards accepted are the Visa and Mastercard credit card, the CB and the Maestro card.


How to link a credit card 

  1. Go to Manage: cards and bank accounts
  2. Click on  "Add a credit card"
  3. Enter your credit card information: card number, expiration date and cryptogram. The cryptogram consists of the three numbers on the back of your bank card. 
  4. Click on "Continue"
    You may be redirected to your bank’s website.
    A confirmation message will appear:

How to link a Maestro card 

  1. Go to Manage: bank cards and bank accounts
  2. Click on "Add a Maestro Card
  3. Enter your Maestro card information: card number and expiration date
  4. Click on "Continue"
    You may be redirected to your bank’s website
    A confirmation message will appear