On the basis of suggestions from numerous collectors and professional sellers, and in order to match the structure of the Michel catalogue to the greatest extent possible, we have modified the sub-categories of 'Stamps > Germany'. 

These major changes are designed to reflect market reality as closely as possible.

A few examples:

- the different periods of the Empire have been separated (1872-1918 / 1919-1933 / 1933-1945)
- Saarland stamps have been inserted into 'Stamps > Germany' (League of Nations / Allied occupation / Federal Republic )
- the 'Allied Occupation' period has been developed
- addition of numerous sub-categories for specific periods (Airmail, Feldpost mail, postal stationery, etc.)

We invite you to check the classification of your items and to reclassify them if necessary - via the [modify] button on each item sale page.

Warning: moving and deleting categories may affect the favourite lists you have set up. For more information, please read this Help Centre article: Incorrect favourite list due to category deletion/relocation

Warning: deleting categories may impact your listings via the API, the Lister or EasyUploader. Please read this Help Centre article: API/Lister/EasyUploader- incorrect category number