The Forum allows members to express themselves and to share experiences with others. Members are allowed to take part in debates and topics or to create new topics.

In order to make Delcampe a pleasant place for all, it is advisable to observe some rules. What follows is a non-exhaustive list of such rules:

Are not allowed:

  • Insulting and offensive messages, messages with racist or discriminatory content or abrogating someone’s private life.
  • Defamatory, prohibited and obscene information or documents.
  • Incentives to physical and verbal violence.
  • Attacks aiming members using or not the Forum, whether they are recognizable.
  • Use of crudeness and libels.
  • Topics not related to the prescribed section of the Forum.
  • Messages with advertising or promotional purpose, unless agreed otherwise by Delcampe.
  • Messages no complying with copyrights or privacy.
  • Messages not corresponding to the language of the Forum used.

It is advisable for members to do as follows :

  • Members are fully liable for the content of their messages.
  • To be polite, courteous and respectful towards other members.
  • To behave as if their interlocutors were in front of them.
  • Messages must not as harsh as you thoughts could be.
  • Avoid criticism and prefer help and advice from other member.
  • Humor and irony can be dangerous weapons so be careful!
  • Do not overuse capital letters; they give the impression that you are SHOUTING!
  • Each section of the Forum is meant to host different types of topics. It is advisable post only messages related to these topics. The section ‘let’s speak together’ is meant to host any type of conversations, messages and topics that do not fit in other sections.
  • Delcampe commits itself to acting rapidly without previous notice or explanation if any message does not comply with the hereby Conditions.
  • Any breach of these legal principles entitles Delcampe to take measures against the perpetrator.