What are the benefits of "Auction Houses"?

  • The largest community of collectors

    Highlight your exceptional catalogues and showcase your auction house for over 1,000,000 buyers.

  • Unique visibility...with no commissions

    You only pay Delcampe to put the catalogue online. We will never ask you to pay commissions on your sales.

  • You manage your transactions autonomously

    You handle the transaction with your buyer directly. The system works based on the "bids on sales" principle. Delcampe sends you the bids entered and you manage the rest of the sale.

  • Personalised service suited to your needs

    When you put your catalogues on Delcampe, you get an exceptional online showcase and priority support. A Delcampe team contact is available to answer your questions.

  • A website created for collectors by collectors

    Delcampe was founded to meet the needs of collectors. We've been in the business of providing visibility to online sellers for over 15 years.

Our prices:


You upload your catalogue via an Excel file. You decide on the Delcampe category in which each lot in your catalogue will be visible to buyers. If you have questions, a member of the Delcampe team will be available to give you personalised assistance.

Put a catalogue online


You send us a file with your catalogue. Your Delcampe contact will take care of everything, put your catalogue online and select the categories. A link to preview the catalogue will be sent to you. You can validate the upload of your catalogue afterwards.

Contact us

Please contact our commercial team with any questions you may have about "Auction Houses" or uploading catalogues at sales@delcampe.com

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