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Newsletter 23/10/2014
Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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Are you not receiving the Delcampe newsletter or emails? They may be going to your "junk email" or "Spam" folder. Here are the steps you need to take to correct this:

  1. Go to your junk email folder ("Plus/Spam", if you're using gmail)
  2. Search for "Delcampe" using your mailbox search menu
  3. If you find Delcampe newsletters or emails there, right click on one of them
  4. Depending on your mailbox, click on:
  • Outlook: "Junk email/Not junk"
  • Hotmail: "Not spam"
  • Gmail: "Not spam"
  • Yahoo: "Not spam"
  • All other mailboxes should have a similar option here. If you can't find it, send us a request for help

Let us know what you think about the newsletter!

What do you think of our bi-monthly newsletter? What are your favourite sections? Do you have any suggestions? It's your turn, so don't hesitate to take the survey. It will only take a few minutes and will help us ensure that the content meets your expectations!

Vintage score
A 19th century manuscript

Vintage score is loaded with history. It's the keeper of original melodies that were sometimes played for the first time centuries ago and which have come through time unchanged. It's thanks to score that we have been able to save many masterpieces pre-dating the era of audio recording from oblivion.

Vintage score can range from single scores to autographed books of complete works to choirbooks of sacred songs. All are timeless collections that never go out of fashion. They're just waiting to be placed on a music stand to once again release the semibreve, crotchet and quaver notes within them.
While some contain all of a work's staves (for example, operas), others only focus on the part played by a single instrument or sung by a given type of performer depending on their range, from bass to soprano.

Score from the opera "Madame Butterfly"
with Giacomo Puccini's autograph

Score in memory of the Titanic Hymn played at the time of the shipwreck.

Treatise of accompaniment from score on the organ or pianoforte
These old papers are true jewels worth reading…and playing! However, there's no need to be a musician to enjoy turning the pages of these musical compositions!

Have you already started your vintage score collection?
Send us pictures of your collection

Stamp & Coin Mart : November issue

Stamp & Coin Mart – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart
is packed with information and advice to help you improve your collection:

The November issue of Stamp & Coin Mart features a range of in-depth collecting articles, including:

•   British stamps featuring Prime Ministers
•   Three special features on intriguing philatelic forgeries
•   We examine the work of stamp engraver Robert George Godbehear
•   We focus on a Dr Livingstone thematic collection
•   Stamp story - who was the first Irishman depicted on a postage stamp?

Some of the most beautiful
and most interesting items sold recently on the Delcampe website
Sold for 850 CHF
(€700 )
Sold for €1,200
Sold for €1,500

Sold for €440
Sold for €655

Sold for €400
Great Britain
You too
can find the item that's missing from your collection

The straight-edge stamps have a winner!
Thu, 9 Oct 2014

The magnificent Belgian of series 1932 straight-edge stamps issued in honour of the infantry during the Great War has been won.


The happy winner of this magnificent prize valued at more than €500 is Florin40. Congratulations!

Didn't win? Don't give up! Try your luck with our new contest. You can win a superb 5-florin gold coin with the effigy of Queen Wilhelmina!

Constest winner, New Contest, Culture, Knives, EasyStore
Newsletter du 09/10/2014
Thu, 9 Oct 2014

The straight-edge stamps have a winner!

The magnificent Belgian series of 1932 straight-edge stamps issued in honour of the infantry during the Great War has been won. Find out who the happy winner is!

Win a 1912 Dutch 5-guilder gold coin

A new contest on Delcampe! Try your luck and you may win a superb Dutch 5-guilder gold coin worth €180.
Just answer two questions to try to win this magnificent prize to complete your collection…or start a new one.

Don't miss this golden opportunity!

The audio CD turns 30

A new audio format was born in 1982 which would gradually replace vinyl: The Compact Disk or CD. It was really in 1984 that the new format started to flood the markets…that was 30 years ago! With 74 minutes of playing time (enough to hold the longest version of Beethoven's 9th symphony) and improved sound quality, the CD was miles ahead of the old "platters". The CD was originally reserved for certain musical repertory classics, but quickly became the most popular physical medium.

After three decades of loyal service, the CD still has one major advantage over digital: the jewel case, which is tangible and part and parcel of the musical work, making it a collector's item. Whether you love rock, blues or jazz, take a look at the 16,000 CDs available on Delcampe.

Argentinian knife

Damascus fixed-blade knife

For many people, the appeal of knives goes back to their childhood. It's a personal object that has multiple uses. Receiving one is a rite of passage to adulthood in many cultures.

The knife is a requirement in wilderness areas. It's the best friend of explorers and a precious tool for scouts. There's no need to be an intrepid traveller to have a passion for knives which often have their very own personality. That's why people often say a blade has a soul!

The design of knives and the materials used to make them have evolved significantly since the first ones were made in 25,000 B.C. While some knives are manufactured industrially, there are also many artisanal cutlery forges that still use traditional methods and make unique and authentic "regional" knives.
1880 "Navaja" knife
Cambodian deer horn knife
Damascus folding knife
Whether they have a folding or fixed blade, an ebony, bone or even a deer antler handle, there are many knives waiting for a new owner on Delcampe. Could it be you?

Have you already started your knife collection?
Send us pictures of your collection

Discover the new stores
Store: The Postcard Depot United States
Description : The Postcard Depot offers vintage postcards from around the world and on a wide range of topics. Based in the USA, we ship to the world. New listings added frequently. Free shipping to USA; low international shipping
Specialty : Vintage postcards pre-1950

  14.020 items
Store : Istenostora  Hungary
Description : International city postcards, illustrator signed postcards, militaria, worldwide covers & documents & stamps, antique Roman & medieval coins
Specialty : Medieval Hungarian coins

  9.073 items
Store Argylletkin United Kingdom
Description : Argylletkin was established over 50 years ago in London, England. We have operated online sales for 10 years with over 5,000 postal history and royalty items sold.
Specialty : Fascinating royal letters and signatures

  1.350 items
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