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London 2015 Fair, Support the coin collectors, An ancient trade, Pricewatch
Newsletter 03/09/2015
Thu, 3 Sep 2015

Delcampe memories from Europhilex London 2015

Delcampe was an official partner of the Europhilex London 2015 international stamp exhibition which was held in May.

It was our great pleasure to meet with many British and foreign collectors during this important philately event!

It was also a great opportunity to meet new collectors and stamp professionals.

We returned home happy to have been able to share our passion.

We launched an exclusive contest during the fair. The
prize was a pair of 1840 Penny Blacks valued at over £500! We would like to take the opportunity of this newsletter to congratulate Janice Carter, the winner of our contest.

Support German coin collectors!

Monika Grütters, the German Minister for Culture and Media has filed an amendment to the draft law on the Protection of Cultural Property which would make all private collecting virtually impossible.

According to the amendment, in the event of a dispute, collectors with items valued at €2500 or more could be required to provide information about their provenance and their owners for the past 20 years. Receipts can be requested for “archaeological cultural property” of a value of €100 or more. This would be impossible even for the most meticulous and rigorous of collectors.

German coin collector societies and associations need 120,000 signatures to make their voices heard. 

Delcampe has joined the mobilization campaign.

It’s important for the international numismatic collecting community to show its support. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, and regardless of your nationality, don’t wait: sign and share!

An ancient trade: boilermaking

The best soups are made in old pots. That expression is particularly true for the ancient trade of boilermaking. It was born when humans started working metals several thousand years ago. Boilermaking is the art of making metal containers (pots, pans, cauldrons,...) and lamps.

Boilermakers work metals to shape them before assembling by bending or welding. The trade requires skill and accuracy and has changed with today’s needs.

These craftsmen now work in naval construction, assemble various products including wagons, boilers for nuclear plants, factory tanks and more...and they work with iron, copper, brass and aluminium.

Why not take a closer look at this ancient trade. 

Stamp & Coin Mart : October issue


Here is what you can expect in the October issue pf Stamp & Coin Mart magazine – available on Delcampe and on Stamp & Coin Mart:
  • FREE copy of the official Stampex show guide, so you can plan your visit to the event in advance
  • A range of expert articles for the GB collector, including an insight into the often confusing Edward VII provisional stamps and how to collect them, an assessment of how Machin definitives have changed over the years, and a look at the ‘spoon cancels’ adopted during the Victorian era to designate where and when a letter had been sent.
  • Our regular preview of Royal Mail’s new stamps assesses the eight designs issued for the Rugby World Cup, while we bring you all the latest news and view on GB collecting, from Post & Go stamps to the first day covers.
  • An article on the USA’s first pictorial stamps, explaining the designs to collect and revealing why they proved so unpopular with the US public.
  • Our hugely popular Stamp Story this time visits post-war Germany and the stamps recalling the Berlin Airlift, whilst we celebrate the artistic talents of French stamp engraver Jean Pheulphin in our ‘Engravers’ piece.
  • Our coin section includes articles on the coins of ‘Father of Europe’ Charles the Great, an examination of coins depicting creatures, and the final part of our guide to coins of the Napoleonic Wars.
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