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GIFT/ Your year-end gift from DELCAMPE and WOPA!
Thu, 4 Dec 2014


Delcampe has succeeded in getting its members a fabulous end of the year Christmas gift: a voucher of £5 (almost 6€, $7.50) of stamps that you can choose in the store of WOPA.

Every WOPA order is guaranteed, handled and shipped directly by the issuing countries. If you buy stamps of several different countries, these will be delivered separately. Stamps are delivered to the whole world. WOPA sells at face value the stamps of over 24 major Postal Administrations and there are several free worldwide shipping offers which makes your £5 go even further!
With almost 6000 positive feedbacks to date, the WOPA Delcampe store is surely a convenient place to buy your new issues at FACE VALUE only!

There is no minimum purchase with this offer and
the £5.00 will be deducted from the payment request message sent to you by WOPA (one coupon per Delcampe member).

Attention: the offer is limited in time! You have until December 23rd, 2014 to enjoy it and be delivered for the holiday season.


The Queen Wilhelmina 5-florin gold coin has been won
Thu, 4 Dec 2014

The superb Dutch gold coin with the effigy of Queen Wilhelmina struck in 1912 and estimated at more than €180 has been won.

The winner is Aime01!

Didn't win? Here is another chance to win: try your luck at winning a magnificent series of US stamps from the Buffalo Exposition of 1901 valued at €550.

Wopa gift, contest winner and new contest, airmail (3/3)
Newsletter 04/12/2014
Wed, 3 Dec 2014

Your year-end gift from DELCAMPE and WOPA!

With our partner WOPA, we have a fabulous year-end gift for you: a £5 voucher (approx 6€, $ 7.50) on stamps to be chosen from WOPA's Store. Hurry and use it before 23rd December 2014!

The Queen Wilhelmina 5-florin gold coin has been won
We gave you a chance to win a superb Dutch gold coin with the effigy of Queen Wilhelmina. The contest is now over. Find out who won. 

Win a series of US stamps from the 1901 Buffalo Exposition!

Delcampe is giving you a chance to win a magnificent series of American stamps from 1901 devoted to the Buffalo Exposition! The stamps are valued at €550.

A history of airmail: Aviation after 1920

Delcampe would like to take you on one last tour of the amazing history of airmail. 

This part takes a look at the modernisation of airmail.

Airmail really took flight after the First World War. The small aeroplanes of the early days were no longer up to the task of carrying all of the mail. Postal services had to quickly combine their efforts with the now emerging major airlines. This was the beginning of airmail as we know it today: safe, regular service that was no longer a dangerous exploit as in the early days of aviation pioneers. It now became a complex, well-organised machine. Constraints were largely removed and it became possible to send parcels of all sizes. This was demonstrated again recently when a person in China sent themselves by parcel post in 2012.

Air transport was much faster, but also much more expensive and letters sent by airmail were surcharged. This led to the flowering of special postmarks on letters from the 1930s until 1974: O.A.T (Onward Airmail Transmission) in England and AV 2 in other countries. These postmarks are now in great demand from collectors! Even rarer are "accident" postmarks indicating that the letter was recovered from the site where the aeroplane carrying it crashed.

You can find many "par avion" letters on Delcampe.

Letter found in the crash debris of an aeroplane, 1925

Concorde "First Flight" maximum card, 1976

An "AV 2" postmark

An "O.A.T" postmark
Airmail letters and postmarks

Are you selling interesting aviation-related items on Delcampe?
Contact us, and we may put them in our next newsletter!